Playstation 3 demos look great

NVIDIAN INSIDERS reckon we will all be impressed with Playstation 3's graphics capabilities. Someone from the team that saw the demos developed in house could not keep their mouth shout.

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Silverwolf4377d ago

"Nvidian insider" Nvidian being the key word! Would love to see the videos though.

TheMART4377d ago

Yeah and ATI says the Sony demo's suck big time.

The ingame footage I actually saw untill yet didn't live up to the expectations that Sony made E3 2005. Some evidence of that

TOM4376d ago

excellent link mart,thanks.

nirwanda4377d ago (Edited 4377d ago )

which is all they can do at leipzig as sony have decided not to have any playable demo of the ps3
sony going back too more tech demo's ooh great look forward too seeing them[yawn}

FordGTGuy4377d ago

ohhh yeah nvidia says nvidia looks good hmmmm...

shoota334377d ago

Awww are all of you xbox fanboys getting upset because ps3 is living up to the hype.

TheMART4377d ago

Well Lametime, says who?


stupid ars.

So if it's living up to the hype, where is the great ingame footage? This here?

shoota334377d ago

They did'nt show the footage yet moron.Why do you care anyway no matter how much better the ps3 games look than your crappy games on your lamebox 1.5 you are still going to hate because you are a jealous ignorant MS fanboy.

TheMART4377d ago

They didn't show any footage 3 freaking months before launch???

So no one has seen actual ingame footage of any game. Whow. That's stupid to go say the PSZero is living up to the hype, 10 year old Lametime!!!

Man go watch the link I just gave you of Warhawk CGI E3 2005 and the ingame footage of Warhawk E3 2006. It's like an N64 game man

Bill Gates4377d ago

Be careful gametime TheFART is using CAPS LOCK now, that means he’s getting “angry”, and you don’t want to see him when he’s angry…..hahahahaha

shoota334377d ago

Like i said you are a jealous ignorant MS fanboy and you will stay that way.Ms has your weak mind so brainwashed there is no turning back.The footage will be shown sometime this week and more at tgs.And you call me 10 years old when you use terms like "PSZero"i know you are some 30 year old loser that still live with his mom but fing something else to do beside suck MS balls all day long loser.

TOM4376d ago

we can all see the before e3 2005 and after, can you really be this close minded?

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TheMART4377d ago

I don't believe anything untill I really saw it. Is it like this ingame footage comparison then I guess this Christmas will be a hot one

achira4377d ago

and when you see, you twist the truth, lol you are a total moron.

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The story is too old to be commented.