Fifty-six screens of Metal Gear Solid 4

Dutch website received fifty-six brand new screenshots of Konami's Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. Hit the jump to check 'em out.

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Foliage4102d ago

There is just so many features in this game, and the story is insane. This game is going to further solidify the position of one of the greatest franchises in video game history. I'm glad they continue to innovate their games, rather than going the safe route.

Lord Anubis4102d ago

Grrr. I like them feisty.

mighty_douche4102d ago

that cracked me up! have a bubble!

pornflakes4102d ago (Edited 4102d ago )

Hm.. well guys.. you cant tell me, that this game is a graphics wonder.. look at the textures oO.. the characters look awesome but the rest!?

Not that good.. [email protected] pic 3 or 8.. the walls/ ground are terrible, the tires of the truck .. WTF!

Every PS3 game has that Prob. MGS4 is like Fight Night Round3.. nice characters but the rest is garbage.

beavis4play4102d ago

pornflakes, if you have to pick out truck tires and the ground as your issues in pictures from a demo-you are one desperate 360 fanboy. these screens capture a warzone better than any.(except for killzone 2;it's just as good.)


These graphics are friggin CG quality, They are easy to take for granted but when you enalarge them and realize that this is INGAME!?!
Astounding Job to the Kojima team!

Every wall doesn't have to have a dozen pores in it like friggin Gears of War (another visual masterpiece) And how can you stare at some of the WALLS in a game and then say, OH this isn't a visual masterpiece.

C'mon dog, you gotta try harder than THAT.


This game looks great if nothing else.

pornflakes4102d ago


like always..
LIKE ALWAYS ya ps3 boys live in a fantasy world! OPEN EVERY PIC.. and dont fu*ken tell me dude, that the textures EXPECT of the charakters are good! They look like in Half-Life 1.. and now believe it and open ya damn eyes.

cartman3134102d ago

Just a suggestion. And this is just a suggestion, I'm not here to tell you what to do...

Try and pass your English class.

beavis4play4102d ago

i did what you said and opened every picture.(for a second time) and again, you are wrong. maybe your looking at some halo 3 shots and don't realize it.
before i go, besides english class, better brush up on your spelling. maybe see an eye doctor- playing all those 360 games has screwed up your eyesight.

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