GameFocus: Tales from Space: About a Blob Review

GameFocus: "If during the first moments of playing a game, reading a book or even watching a film, it brings back memories of another similar product, that can either be a blessing or a curse. If you have fond memories then more than likely your time with the new item should be the same. On the other hand, if this similarity raises your expectations, then it could seriously hurt it the product your about to enjoy. This is what happened while playing Tales From Space - About a Blob, a puzzle-platformer, released exclusively on PSN. While there are some really interesting aspects to the game, there are a few issues that prevent it from being as good as it could (and should) be."

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Orange2692d ago

I downloaded this last week. For $15, I'd say it's more of an 8.

Taky2692d ago

Game is well polished, and quite solid, I'd also say an 8.

jmmurillo862691d ago

LocoRoco + Katamari = Tales from Space: About a Blob