Zumba® Fitness (Kinect) Review

My review on the Xbox 360 (Kinect) title Zumba® Fitness.

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btk2633d ago

lol. Another Dancing / fitness game for Kinect.
Hey - check out KZ3 with Move kids. Or The Fight. Or the two Golf games with Move support. And the Tennis games with Move support.

lol. Kinect is a joke.

H2OAcidic2633d ago

Some games for the kinect are pretty good. Everyone has an opinion of what device they like the most.

Christopher2633d ago (Edited 2633d ago )

Just FYI, btk, this exact same game is also on the PS3 w/Move. My wife uses it and loves to just dance. From the perspective of a gamer, not a dance enthusiast, it would score about the same on the PS3 as on the Kinect.

N4GAddict2633d ago

Kinect needs more core games

H2OAcidic2633d ago

I agree! The first thing I thought when the name was announced was what's with all the "fitness" titles.

Yea, the games like Kinect Adventures and Kinect Sports was fun. So was Dance Central but I would love to see that "Star Wars" game release and other titles that seem more fun rather than being focused on fitness.