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The unbearable imperfections of Lost Planet 2

Tom Chick writes: "Lost Planet 2 is not perfect. Which is really disappointing. How is it that Capcom makes a game so good, but they can't be bothered to go that little bit of extra distance to make it perfect? Are they lazy? Negligent? Oblivious? Just teasing us? We may never know. We can only consider the missed opportunity that is Lost Planet 2." (Capcom, Lost Planet 2, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

Silly gameAr  +   1702d ago
Awesome post. Pretty much nailed my praise and complaints about the game. I hope that if and whenever Lost Planet 3 is announced, they fix the getting shot and can't shoot back "feature" and they also need to give us more useful abilities to unlock.

I went through the easy, normal, and hard difficulties without switching out my default abilities once because to me, they were the most useful.

I had a pretty good time with it and it has crazy replay value and good weapon variety. The VS were pretty awesome too.
Quagmire  +   1701d ago
The game is unlike any other game I've played before. Its mixture of pro's and cons are unbelievable, but In a way, THAT is what makes Lost Planet.

If there was any improvements to be made for LP3, (and boy are there quite a few) it this:

1. Single Player campaign. That's what made the gameplay in LP1 great, was that you didnt have to rely on others to get a battle done. It should be SP only, with the ability of drop-in, drop-out offline/online co-op, but shouldnt rely heavily on co-op.

2. If you do want to continue the four player co-op approach , make sure you fix their damn AI! They were dumb as hell.

3. Controls. They were strange, unlike an other game, but you could easily get used to them. I suggest including customizable button-mapping.

4. Animation. Their faces...didnt...do...anything/ The graphics are quite impressive, and the physics and effects are great, tha Engine is really god. But make use of it, like you did with LP1.

5. Story, continue with the awesome, epic, over-the-top action oriented story which borderlines on a Starship Troopers lawsuit on your hands!

6. Characters, make clear who the characters are, I got a bit confused when I was constantly switching betweeen different factions, as to who I was playing, which side they were one, and what their motives were.

and a whole bunch of others which I CBFed typing...i'm going to bed.
Myst  +   1702d ago
There actually was a kind of "warehouse" if you count the level with the grinder in it as one. It was the underground base or something just before the railway gun stage. The only problem with LP2 is the activation of data post. It seems that was more of the undertaking than actually fighting monsters.
UnSelf  +   1701d ago
does anybody, and goddamn i mean ANYBODY kno how to kill that giant akrid (its the biggest akrid in the game)? it says im supposed to put all the data posts together but HOW THE FK DO U DO THAT?!?!?!??!?!?!?

its the level where you go to the akrid city.....after those bandits crashes their train with the railgun into the frozen ice.
Prototype  +   1701d ago
I have the ps3 version, if you have it also I'll add you and help you beat it. I beat the game on all 4 difficulty levels
Myst  +   1701d ago
Yeah I beat it as well. You must be mean the 'old one' technically where you go through multiple zones fighting it or something?
Convas  +   1702d ago
My biggest problems with Lost Planet 2 was that they built the game from the ground up for 4 players and made the game very unfriendly to the single player.

Hopefully, Lost Planet 3 will once again make the Single Player (Me) the priority. I really love fighting the Akrid. And with the story plot revolving around the Space Akrid, it's possible that we could get to invading the Akrid home planet.
Xfanboy  +   1701d ago
They jacked this game up!!
HungryGoku  +   1701d ago
What do you expect from new Capcom there is no soul to there video games.
Prototype  +   1701d ago
I liked the game, I wish there was more levels and more to unlock. My biggest gripe is how hard the trophies are to obtain, as well as those nom-de-guerres
mightyboot  +   1701d ago
NGP will have this game right?
NoobSessions  +   1701d ago
Honestly, the controls kind of bug me. The game itself is beautiful and the concept of akrid s awesome, but Id just wish theyd make their controls more responsive, or faster pace. Thats the only thing that keeps me from considering the series one of my favorites
Darkfiber  +   1701d ago
I had a ton of fun with this game. It was far from perfect, but it was just...fun. I understand a lot of peoples' complaints with it, but pretty much all of that can be solved by not approaching the game as if it were a run of the mill third person shooter, because it's not. Get that out of your head and you will have more fun. Unfortunately everyone is brainwashed into thinking that, if it somewhat resembles Gears of War, it has to play EXACTLY like it or it automatically sucks. Those people are what I call idiots. The game was intended to be Monster Hunter with guns. Go play Monster Hunter and you may have more appreciation for how Lost Planet 2 plays and controls, including the difficulty, movements and knockdowns.

As for the single player complaints, I was more than capable of completing the entire game on the hardest difficulty alone. It really isn't that hard, it just takes practice, just like Monster Hunter. Also, the AI was never intended to replace real players. There are ALWAYS extra AI players running around even in multiplayer who die pretty much instantly and who are useless. This is just how the game works. It is beatable as a single player game, but it's not very fun. Go play Left 4 Dead single player and you wont enjoy it very much either.
floetry101  +   1701d ago
I had a soft spot for the first Lost Planet, so I looked forward to the second game improving that concept. Boy was I wrong.

The game could have been amazing, but they got the fundamentals so very wrong. The train boss battle is one of the worst in recent memory. A great idea shattered by disgraceful game design. I don't think I ever finished the game, I tried to slog through it but it was just too frustrating.

If Capcom ever make a third, please test it.
rezzah  +   1701d ago
This game was fucking awesome, I played it out like 10 times. Replay value for Co-op is awesome.

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