GamePro Feature: Timeline of Japanese contributions to video games

As the Tokyo Game Show comes to a close, GamePro pays homage to the major gaming contributions wrought in Japan with a nifty timeline.

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ReBurn4076d ago

I enjoyed reading that.

BUM4076d ago

I agree with you, ReBurn. Very good article.

The Wood4076d ago

it wont get hot or a lot of comments but by reading this you have actually learnt something instead of loosing brain cells

good read

more like this on n4g please.

lets get the mature people back

kewlkat0074076d ago

I wouldn't mind making a nice looking Scroll with this type of Info would be neat.

Does anybody thinks there will be one for Western influence in Games...haha maybe 20 years from now.

Maybe there will be a console from Europe....

All I know is "times have changed". It's no biggie to see why Japan have strong loyalty to their Video game consoles, I mean look at all the Top developers in that article, they are still making good games today.

I'm saving this one...

hotshot12374076d ago

now this is what n4g needs.