Sony Ships 150m PS2s Worldwide as of early 2011

VGC: "Sony has assuredly topped 150m PS2s through January 2011. This makes PS2 the first system to top 150m units of hardware worldwide. DS will be there by the end of 2011, but for now, Sony's dominant system of the 2000-2006 is still rather easily the biggest system of all time. With PS1 at only 102.5m units and Wii just at 85m, no home console should touch PS2 figures for years. Moreover, as Sony is still shipping 1-2m units per quarter in developing markets, the system has not only topped 150m, but can still top 160m units if the modest declines from the current 6-7m level can continue for at least another half year. In fact if PS2 is at 153m or more by the end of June 2011, 160m is going to be passed rather easily."

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Dart892660d ago

Amazing and at the price they have it rite now i don't see it dying off so soon.

-Superman-2660d ago

PS2 = most successful console ever

Istanbull2660d ago (Edited 2660d ago )

PS2 is far from dead, after 10 f*cking years, it still manages to sell 6 million consoles a year.

Expect this number to grow as PS2 is being introduced to emerging markets at a cheap price.

I think Sony underestimated the lifetime of the PS2, they need to extent it to atleast 15 years.

siyrobbo2660d ago (Edited 2660d ago )

11 years, first released march 2000


BattleAxe2660d ago

CONGRADULATIONS SONY!! I have such great memories from my PS2 days.

Oner2660d ago

I went to press agree and hit disagree by accident so please disregard that incorrect marker.

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velocitygamer2660d ago

I love you PS2 <3

All homo.

malandra2660d ago

but how many are sold? hum?

because if we use the same logic that xbots use to downplay PS3's sales then this must really be around 60-70 million

Masterchef20072660d ago

Sony only ships to retailers when retailers demand consoles from sony. And that only happens when the stocks are low. So yes the PS2s are still selling cause sony is still shipping them. Its buisness logic

klado2660d ago

Xbobs are delusionals, there is ur answer mate.

Convas2660d ago

Glad I was one of those sales. Truly one of the best gaming experiences of my life.

Rage_S902660d ago

the statement above me is true

ugo2660d ago (Edited 2660d ago )

"greatest console ever made" even Mario and patcher can testify to this

Dark_Charizard2660d ago

Sorry but you're talking about NES

SuperKing2660d ago

NES was good but PS2 is better.

Kon2660d ago

Nintendo fanboy opinions don't count

Istanbull2660d ago

Why would you say NES? PS2 is the most sold console ever, it has also the best games ever made.

BattleAxe2660d ago

My most favorite consoles to this day are the NES, PS2 and PS3. These are the platforms that define what gaming really is.

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Rage_S902660d ago

ps2 had the most diverse library of all time imo

Adva2660d ago

Final PS2 price drop incoming! $49.99!!!

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2660d ago (Edited 2660d ago )

Sony is on fire, PS2, PSP, PS3, and now NGP later this year.

4 Platforms supported.

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The story is too old to be commented.