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Gears Of War 3: New Melee Combo System Revealed

A game I’m sure you haven’t forgotten about is making some big 'strides' to outdo it’s predecessors. Killzone Has the Helghast, and Gears of War has the Horde, along with many other ugly monsters I won’t waste your time to name. As Epic is hard at work developing Gears 3 the found a few minutes to squeeze out some new screens and reveal a couple of new (Gears of War 3, Xbox 360)

BobbyMcCOOL  +   1667d ago
Epic keeps making this game better, this should be the best in the series.
x713HITSQUADx  +   1667d ago
hell yeah!! better game and better graphics.
nalyd-nolat   1667d ago | Spam
x713HITSQUADx  +   1667d ago
instead of posting comments u should be playing killzone.
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Cock4Gamers  +   1667d ago
Lol hey buddy, why don't you go try gears 2 mp now. It's been fixed since like 3 months after its release and it's still one of the best mp experiences around. While you rattle on about how things are, technically better, you ignore the fact that no matter what game you point out, there will be a technologically more advanced game. This is irrelevant though as when a game is fun, its fun. End of story.
kaveti6616  +   1667d ago
Oh look, dylantalon made himself a new account. I wonder if the mods will ban it.
KingDustero  +   1667d ago

The same could be said for you. Why are you posting here instead of playing Gears, Halo, or CoD.

@ Cock4Gamers

That is a load of BS. I got the game at a launch and it was HORRIBLE. I played it about three months ago after ten or so patches and it is still HORRIBLE. They've fixed it just a TAD, but the host advantage is still HUGE.

It is pointless in even playing the MP since it is LITERALLY all about luck. There is no skill involved at all.

It would be nice if Gears 3 actually had good MP. The mechanics are there. Epic just needs to higher new people to code for the network or something. They NEED dedicated servers. They said that there will be dedicated servers in Gears 3, but also said that if the host leaves it'll quickly find a new one. How is that possible if there are dedicated servers. I have a bad feeling it'll still be P2P and will be Lag of War 2 all over again.

Gameplay wise everything they've done so far seems to be good. They've already added a lot more replay value by having unlocks now as one levels up and being able to level up your individual executions. It is also nice it is more like Uncharted with the speed of the movement. However if they don't make the game almost lag free with no host advantage then all of these improvements will be in vain.

I really hope Gears 3 online doesn't fail. It'll be nice for 360 gamers to be able to experience a TPS with good MP. I'll be sticking with Uncharted 3 this winter since there is no doubt it'll be amazing and surpass Uncharted 2 in all fronts. Also I don't feel like paying $60 just to play Gears 3 online.

Anyways good luck to all those 360 only gamers out there. I hope Epic actually makes the MP run well this time around.
KillerBBs  +   1667d ago
Hell Yeah better graphic
Epic keeps making games that don't work well online and this will be no different! Better graphics = crappy frame rate. So you can have your cake but your not going to eat this one!

I agree with nalyd-nolat but Kill zone sucks too. The graphics are not better but the frame rates are.
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ComboBreaker  +   1667d ago
Good to see Gears copying
Uncharted 2's melee combo system.
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vgcgames  +   1667d ago
sweet that sounds amazing, guy runs with chain saw boot, shoot , stomp
Hitman0769  +   1667d ago
Very cool stuff!!
Kon  +   1667d ago
Oh man, so sweet
Silly gameAr  +   1667d ago
This game is going to be a beast.
awiseman  +   1667d ago
Looks like the delays were worth it.
BlazeCP3  +   1667d ago
i think its worth it considering there will be a theatre mode now?
neomatrix909   1667d ago | Spam
JohnnyHalo  +   1667d ago
Feels good to own all 3 consoles.
Flexatron  +   1667d ago
Yeah, its cringe-worthy to hear people from both sides talk shit about games they obviously haven't played. Gears 3 and Killzone 3 will both be great games.
GiggMan  +   1667d ago
Indeed it does.
fromasterjay  +   1667d ago
I second that!
BlazeCP3  +   1667d ago
did anyone even read the article? from what i can tell the guy who wrote this just looked at the 3 new screenshots that were released a few days ago and made up names and descriptions for them. He said he got the "rumoured" information from Epic... lol

All of the names of the names are "unofficial" and all of it is "rumoured"... probably because he just made it up...

Clearly a nice way to get hits because everyone decided to come on here and start a troll war LOL
KingDustero  +   1667d ago
This is true. None of these are probably real. I know the punching is an execution like in Gears 2. We've already seen it. Plus we've seen kicking before. So there is a good chance things don't work at the way the article describes.

Very sneaky indeed. Good catch.
OGharryjoysticks  +   1667d ago
I watched the Killzone 3 kill of the day clip over at IGN a few minutes ago where the helghast trooper is stabbed in the eye. OMG! Check it out and you'll agree it's a lot to live up to.


this is from the multiplayer beta?
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KingDustero  +   1667d ago
No that is in the campaign, but the exact same brutal melees are in the MP. I'm sure one like that is in the MP.
neomatrix909   1667d ago | Spam
NoobJobz  +   1666d ago
I must be the only one who hates the direction Gear has gone. I loved the first Gears. Played 8 hours a day for probably a good whole year. I probably put 20 hours total into Gears 2. Added too much and changed up the game. Gears 1 MP was by far the best. Gears 2 was a step-down IMO. They tried to add too much to make it cooler like chainsaw duels, 5 v 5, etc. Then of course they screw with the lancer and the shotty fro
Gears 1. Let's go back to the old MP.
SwiftShot  +   1663d ago
That's just slick right there :D Excited as fudge for this game

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