Bit.Trip creator: indie scene “out of control”, games need to “actually get finished”

Alex Neuse of Bit.Trip developer Gaijin Games has said indies need to focus more on getting full and complete games onto the market.

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bluegreenman2634d ago

exactly.. to much shovelware is just ugly for gaming as a media in general... thank the wii for this..

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Zikron2634d ago

I've been reading a lot of this especially from games that were featured at IGF. The big white elephant in the room is Minecraft, Alex should have just said that. People are just jealous of Minecraft and the success Notch has had.

Personally, I think it is a great idea for indie developers to do this. It creates a more personal connection to your target audience and people get excited when new features get added. Indie developers can do this because they generally are targeting a more hardcore audience.

The one concern I have over this strategy is the risk of the big boys (Activision/EA) coming in, stealing ideas and putting out finished products before the source game is completed. If Gameloft can get away with ripping off the big boys I'm sure the big boys can rip off the little guys games.