TGS 2007: IGN Goes Hands-on with White Knight Story

US, September 20, 2007 - One of the most impressive showings from last year's Tokyo Game Show was White Knight Story. The Level 5 PS3 debut RPG was a surprise announcement, and it instantly became one of the PS3's most promising titles, primarily due to its smooth animation system. The game looked quite far along compared to most other PS3 games of the time, but IGN weren't too surprised given the magic Level 5 has worked in the past.

Apparently, the trailer shown last year was target footage. It certainly wasn't footage of the game running in real time. In its current playable form at this year's Tokyo Game Show, White Knight has quite a few technical issues, including an unrefined frame rate, little bits of pop-in here, some ugly shadow effects, and occasional stuttering. The game's camera system also isn't as smooth as the initial footage had suggested.

So that's the bad news. Everything else is good. Look at White Knight from afar, and it does really look close to that trailer. With some extra time, IGN wouldn't be surprised if Level 5 can fix everything and deliver a polished product for next year.

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GoLeafsGo4102d ago (Edited 4102d ago )

"With some extra time, IGN wouldn't be surprised if Level 5 can fix everything and deliver a polished product for next year."

According to Podcast Beyond, this is what they hoped for Lair.
Look at how that turned out T_T

Alright, clearly, I mixed up Level 5 with Factor 5.
My apologies.

Having said that, I hope IGN's right on the money with this one.

ash_divine4102d ago

jealously is a horrible thing.

GoLeafsGo4102d ago

What the heck are you talking about? =|

Barreldragon004102d ago

This is Level 5 not Factor 5. Level 5 is one of the best RPG developers just look at their last games Rogue Galaxy and Dragon Quest VIII both have gotten around 9's. i cant wait for this game i love RPG's and this one looks like a winner.

GoLeafsGo4102d ago

Am I the only one not liking the battle system (shown in the gameplay video from TGS)?


yes,.. gets the job done. but it they punched it up a little I wouldn't be mad.

Darkiewonder4102d ago

To Strategy mixed with real time.

The fact you can change the attacks and whatnot before going into battle makes it challenging.

I read somewhere [probably IGN or somewhere] that the difficulty at TGS was easy.

ANYWAYS. Level 5 always tend to try to mix up things when it comes to their RPG's to make it fresh. So maybe it's just me but I like the battle system.


and hopefully boost sagging sales for the console.

Relientk774101d ago (Edited 4101d ago )

oh opps lol i did the same thing ^ u guys did ... this isnt the ppl who did Lair (Factor 5) its Level 5 .. did Level 5 make any other games cuz i dont think ive heard of them? unless their new

** EDIT **

Oh they did Rogue Galaxy .. no way!! i FVKING LOVE THAT GAME... its one of the best RPG games i have ever played besides some Final Fantasy games and Grandia 2 etc