Halo 3 - New TV Ad

Two Halo war veterans describe a Brute handgun on display at the Museum of Humanity Weapons Hall.

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Captain Tuttle4076d ago

Now THAT'S quality advertising.

HeartlesskizZ4076d ago

They trying to add so much feeling to a game character that it seems he was a real person.

Great comercials...9/10

Jinxstar4076d ago (Edited 4076d ago )

I am a veteran. I have to say I don't personally like these commercials... It kinda tries to take to much reality into gaming. Video games and War are nothing alike. I have fired my weapon at people in real life and been shot at and had friends die in combat. I look at "Band of Brothers" and the interviews with the WWII vets in the begining is real. These are well done but... Really hit home to something that should not be in games I think. This is nothing against Halo or anything Xbox. If this were a PS3 or a Wii or PC advert I would still be as upset. Taking fiction and making it into something like this... As much as I know its fake... It puts a light on war and life that imo is crossing the line in some ways. In no way should the boys in Iraq/Afghan right now getting shot at and harmed and killed be compared to a game. Not that its a direct connection to OIF but its still... If you disagree thats fine. If your a vet yourself thats respect from me... I will always remember the lives of people I knew and cared for in their greatest time of need. I feel like this is too real for a game and makes it a harsh contrast between reality and fiction that should not be there...

Boink4076d ago (Edited 4076d ago )

it's a commercial, and they are talking about how horrible and shocking the war was. I don't think that insults anyone at all.

and video games have been crossing the reality/fantasy border for quite some time, at least the halo gameplay is still video gamish looking, wheras other games(GTA IV, condemned, etc...) I think bring much mroe realism to their games and trivialize violence more than a halo commercial.

cheers, and a bubble for good comment too:)

JokesOnYou4076d ago (Edited 4076d ago )

First of all I respect you for your service, and you have a right to your opinion, but I personally have a few friends in Iraq now, and although I havent specifically talked to any of them about these commercials, knowing them I'm 100% sure they would liked them, they usually laugh at this Hollywood type of glorification stuff, coming out these days, 'cause they know what its really like, and it damm sure isnt like the movies (from what I hear most of the time its boring as hell, of course in real life thats a good thing, cause that means no ones shooting at you or trying to blow you up, which would make a terrible movie or game), but still usually they go nuts for big action type war movies with a cool hero whether its fictional or about a historic event, actually they say "The Unit" is pretty good, yeah all three of the guys I know who are over there are Marines and they are big Halo fans, still everybody is different and I can understand if its bothers you or other vets because of your personal experience, and I didnt hit disagree, cause I respect your opinion on the matter.

Jinxstar4076d ago

Thanks I do appreciate your comments. We played a hell of a lot of Halo 2 when I was down there. It was a great way to pass down time.

When I first crossed over it was with the initial wave into Iraq. It was anything but pretty. The nostalgia feeling I get with this is kinda harsh to me. Maybe it's not crossing a line. I mean the industry is going in the right way. Maybe I feel like its too soon or something...

When I walked through the museum of the great patriotic war in Moscow Russia and saw history. Land from Normandy, Actual big models like the one they made for halo, Real tanks used in the time and helmets with bullet holes in them. I was 13 at the time and it gave me a huge respect for this kind of thing. and know that the true history of over 20 million Russian soldiers dying in WWII was rough. Made it possible for the US to succed on the western front. Not only that war but 1812, civil war, and countless acts through history... If the game really lives up to these commercials and shows humanity as an amazing victor and unity in life and.... All that stuff I will appreciate it more. If it doesn't and is just a game that lacks story... and these commercials were just hype for something... I will be upset still I think...

This kinda, Not by any means pokes fun, Kinda banks off the real interviews and ideas behind death and war which I don't like. I guess through my experience and volunteerism(Word?) It's a rough side to take. I guess if it were a movie I would not feel as bad. So I know I am in the wrong in picking a movie over a game but I can't explain why it rubs me the wrong way. Thanks for the comments back though guys.

Jinxstar4076d ago (Edited 4076d ago )

I think I know what it is. Movies with epic alien battles are usually not like this i.e. Star wars and Star trek and "Fill in blank"

Thing that I dont like is I have gone to these museums in Russia and seen real vets looking at this stuff and breaking down and crying. The nostalgia and memory. I went there with my Russian grandfather and he was acting just like the guys in this vid are. My other grandfather was a Navy vet and was in pearl harbor. He died some years ago a long with my other grandfather. When they made the Pearl harbor memorial and you saw US vets who had not been there in 40 years all old and rattled. When they broke down and cried it brought pain to me to see it. When my grandfathers met and drank and talked and swapped stories it was really cool. I remember very little as I was very young.

I currently live near DC and have seen to vietnam memorial and almost all the Patriotic War stuff there is to see. Its very... Tear jerking. Especially when you see people who lived it...

I myself hope to one day sit down with some Iraqi's who fought in the War I was in (Nothing compared to WW2) but still it would be nice.

Thats why I don't like this vid. If they had 1 vid like this it would be ok. It seems however to be a campaign for them... That I don't like... Thats all... After seeing this in real life and the real people... This is kind of a mockery to them and their memory I think... People think this is cool who don't know anything about WW2(Not all of you but I'm sure many) Too me thats painful to see... Caring more about a game then real history and using actors to... I'm done. I wont go on cause I know I'm in a minority here. I... yeah...

Edit: Pics of the museum so you can see what I mean by models and such. It was a cool place. The dioramas are actually really big. Some take up a whole room. The have the models on the floor and kind of paint them into the wall to form a background and... I guess a sense of scale. Really cool.

P.S. Please don't take what I am saying as anything against you. your beliefs or your console. I don't need anymore bubbles taken =P

GRAMPAGAMER4076d ago (Edited 4076d ago )

you probably already know that halo one of our soldiers favorites. and M$ has donated games and consoles for our soldiers to pass the time with.

being a vet myself(a navy vet from an earlier time), I appreciated the commercial on a creative level.. it was subtle yet powerful, that it invoked the memory of a terrible war within 2 old vets.

the understated dramatic impact was accentuated by the old vet's feeling of disgust at the mere touch of a covenant weapon, illustrating how repulsive his memory of the conflict and it's enemies were.

you could probably relate to that, as any soldier would, which only shows how effective the commercial was.

Is it disrespectful to the memory of those who have fallen in Iraq?

I think not. Rather it displays the courage, valor, and adaptiveness of those who must participate in such conflicts.

It seems that one could associates those virtues and values to those soldiers fighting today, rather than seeing it as some form of exploitation.

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