130° - Top 10: Cinematic openings on Xbox 360 titles

Mark Ainsworth of writes "The opening to a game is incredibly important; the initial things you experience and see can have a lasting effect. In extreme cases it can either make you walk away from the game right there or hook you in such a way that the next 12 hours of your life belong solely to the playing of the game."

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hennessey862666d ago

is the darkness and the tunnel chase i thought that was an epic beggining.

Xbox360PS3AndPC2666d ago

Bioshock Had The Best Starting Sequence IMO

Inside_out2666d ago

I thought the Bioshock intro was incredible. The graphics were insane and still hold up to day. The ride down in the sub when half the plane falls in front of you was just incredible. Bioshock Infinite looks like it will challenge it tho...

Alan wake had a great intro and well...entire game was amazing...

Gears of War 1...

Gears 2...

Halo Reach...c'mon of the about going out with a bang. Bungie is all class...

Halo 3...

Forza intro..

Don't forget 12 million seller COD MW2 on 360... about setting the mood...

Far cry 2...loved this game...


I like trailers and first ten minutes the best... they really set the mood for the games...too many to list.

Xbox360PS3AndPC2666d ago

Yes Love Far Cry 2, I Actually Completed The Game Yesterday On Infamous Difficulty, I Am Very Proud

awiseman2666d ago

Halo 1 opening was beast, and of course reaches ending as they are the same :P

nerdeu2666d ago

I totally agree.

BioShock is #1 opening. I still remember the moment when I entered the "lighthouse"/buildin g. One of my best gaming moments ever <3

... I own a PS3 now and I bought BioShock 2 a couple of days agoo. Not the same feeling/atmosphere ... at all. They should've skipped the multiplayer and kept focus on the storyline instead.

Malebaria2666d ago

Looks like we'll have to wait for Levine's BioShock Infinite to have the same impactful atmosphere that BioShock 1 had.

TheDivine2666d ago

Lost Odyssey was the best opening for me. Epic battle.