Halo 3 release could be bigger and badder than Potter, Spidey

You can make a case that 12:01 a.m. Tuesday marks another pivotal moment in American entertainment.

At the end of what is to be a very long day, there's a very good chance that "Halo 3" will make history where it matters for a lot of folks -- beating sales revenue records for any type of media.


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Halo 3 release could be bigger and badder than Potter and Spidey

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ngg123453739d ago

But on earth, halo and halo 2 sold 14 million in total, harry potter 1(just the first book) sold 103 million.

leon763739d ago

Another Useless, Nonsense new of halo3 Propaganda!!!!!!!

ShiftyLookingCow3739d ago

"'Halo' is one of my all-time favorite series for video games. I got 'Halo' on the first day it was released, same for 2 and of course 3!" said John Kamichitis, 16, of Macomb Township."

Thats all the evidence Jackarse Thompson needs, when Halo came out the kid was 10 years old, and 13 for Halo 2. Can't wait to kill his virtual clone in GTA.

kg73103739d ago

what does kanye wests cd have to do with this.. seriously

ShiftyLookingCow3739d ago

music comes under entertainment

the worst3739d ago

in all mom and pop stores
in the bronx
fordham rd every store but
gamestop is selling halo3

jackdoe3739d ago

This story has gotta be kidding me. It will be a huge video game release, for sure, but bigger than Potter? Hell no. What the hell was this writer smoking?

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The story is too old to be commented.