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1UP: Departing Salute: The Best of DS #5 - Dragon Quest V

Jeremy Parish: In the time I've been writing reviews for 1UP -- more than seven years now, he moaned sadly as mortality loomed above him like a grim specter -- I have handed out exactly two scores of A+. Well, one A+, and one 10 out of 10 before we moved to the letter scale. The important thing here is: Dragon Quest V was one of them. (Dragon Quest V, Nintendo DS)

schlanz  +   1451d ago
With all due respect to 1UP, and DQV, which is a great game and a great remake, it just simply is not even in the top 10 DS games. That has nothing to say about the quality of the game but rather the quality of the DS library.

IMO the top 5 DS games:
GTA Chinatown Wars
Mario and Luigi Bowsers Inside Story
Elite Beat Agents
The World Ends With You
Zelda Spirit Tracks

Mario Kart DS, the 3 Casltevania games, Zelda PH, Advance Wars DoR, Might and Magic Clash of Heroes, and DQIX are also > DQV imo.

EDIT: "This isn't a definitive list or anything."

Glad that he made that distinction.
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schlanz  +   1451d ago
Just read the other entries. Really, this is quite a good series of editorials. Just a reminder I guess as to why 1UP is one of the few "major" gaming sites I actually bother to check out from time to time.

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