EA reveal new Burnout Paradise features - rumble, easydrive and PS Eye

EA Press Release:

"Burnout Paradise will have you feeling every bump, crash, scrape, and collision using Sony's new Dualshock 3 Wireless Controller with rumble feature for the Playstation 3 . The EasyDrive online friends list keeps the action flowing on the Playstation 3, as players get into a challenge with three easy taps of a button. Once the competition heats up, players can grab snapshots as they rip through opponents and collect candid Mugshots of friends and foes alike using the Playstation Eye. The Xbox 360 version of the game features Mugshots using Xbox Live Vision."

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reaferfore204106d ago

So.... now they're exactly the same? Both rumble, both have cam-support, and both have cars crashing all realistic style with lots of explosions and no death? Too bad on the no death part. Would make it more intense.

Korosuke4105d ago (Edited 4105d ago )

I don't think so.
PS3 version might be weaker in graphics and performance such as HDR+AA and fps unless dev's development style changes.
I mean, stupid port without any decent tuning from Xbox360 to PS3.

rushbd4106d ago

Crashes already looks slightly better on PS3.
you can check out the vids from gamespot if u dont believe me.

Rybnik4106d ago

How do you know?? to my knowledge, they have only shown the PS3 version so far....they are leading on PS3 according to Alex Ward

rushbd4105d ago

has three 360 build videos as well. It was posted here in N4g too

Pathetic N4G Website4106d ago

Welcome to last gen....

Delaystation3 fans, this is more waiting (you just waited a whole year just for rumble lol) now get your wallets out and all of you buy new pads cos $ONY are skint. Buy two if you really love them. Don't worry, they already know you have more money than sense or you would've bought a 360 :)

Gotta love how the $ONY boys claimed to not need rumble, but they are finally getting it anyway, and they will lap it up. Fools.


Close_Second4106d ago

...your comments are correct. Sony marketing tried to cover up the fact that Sony f**ked up and did not release rumble in their PS3 controller. Now its finally here it offers nothing new to the gaming experience over the PS2 controller. Not that thats a bad thing but I would be annoyed if I now had to replace my controllers to get a fuller gaming experience.

achira4106d ago

i dont need rumble. and i dont need to buy the console more than one time because of its flaws ala 360.

DarkArcani4105d ago (Edited 4105d ago )

The Dualshock 3 has a new version of force-feedback. Spots on the controller vibrate instead of the whole controller. on the 1up show they talk about how it's different. I'm not saying that they didn't f-up by not releasing it sooner, but by saying it is the same controller or by saying it just vibrates is just wrong.

Edit: And another thing Dodgymat, why do you have to be such an azzburger. Does Sony force companies to buy security mechanisms for peripherals? No. I also believe this is why one of the games (Rock Band or Guitar Hero) has a wired guitar for 360 while all the rest of the consoles get wireless ones. Possibly due to the cost of the peripheral? Don't claim that anyone who has a "$ONY" product doesn't have any sense when Microsoft manufactures and sells faulty products, whether the be consoles or racing controllers. Sometimes quality consoles cost more.

In case your wondering about the extra costs for peripheral.

masterg4105d ago

For the record Sony did not f*ck up.
They did not chose to leave the rumble out. They were forced to by a lawsuit.
Just to set the record straight.

But with the new controller they bring out the best of both new and old.
Freaking Sweet.

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