Jack Thompson Seeks to Have Halo 3 Declared a Public Nuisance & Block Release in Florida

With the video game event of the year - the Halo 3 launch - just days away, game-hatin' attorney Jack Thompson is apparently seeking to re-create one of his greatest non-triumphs.

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RadientFlux3654d ago

wow you'd think that Jack would pick a game that is actually has gore... say like Conan and Jericho

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jackdoe3654d ago

Welome to the ignore list SonySoldiers.

johnnywit3654d ago (Edited 3654d ago )

I think Jack is doing the right thing and Halo should be banned. It is clearly evident that the smaller grunts in the halo games represent little persons. (aka Midgets) I feel that this is just like the resident evil 5 game. Start with the young kids and raise them with hate and racism. What will happen in the future if halo continues with it's success? Think about it. No more elves at the Malls during christmas, No wizard of Oz remake, No mini me or wii man just prejudice. Continue Jack with your path of righteousness.

Edit: Obviously people can not tell when something is a joke. lol

Salvadore3654d ago (Edited 3654d ago )

Are you serious?

Capt CHAOS3654d ago

I thought it was Jack Ass?

gaffyh3654d ago

Can people stop being fanboys please? I don't like the Halo games at all, but this doesn't even need to become a stupid flame contest....

Back on topic - I don't see anything wrong with Halo 3, I can see why he might be attacking GTA, but in Halo you are killing aliens most of the time. Does he think this game will influence kids to kill aliens? lol stupid John Daily lookalike

babyhand3654d ago (Edited 3654d ago )

8. Defendants Best Buy and Microsoft are presently selling, for delivery commencing on October 25, 2007, the violent, interactive video game” entitled Halo 3.
(This must have been prepared along time ago.)

Darkstryder3654d ago

If you read the actual document, he also calls Best Buy and Microsoft "foreign companies doing business in the state of Florida" I am not sure where Best Buy's corporate HQ is, but Microsoft is based in Redmond WA. Now they also have offices in other countries, but they are a US corporation.

Let's just hope the judge has the foresight to read this pleading and dismiss the case. Either way, With the full weight of Microsoft AND Best Buy, this will be a short case.

AngryTypingGuy3654d ago (Edited 3654d ago )

@ SonySoldiers - You fail to see the big picture. If he attacks Halo 3, what's stopping him from attacking MGS4 or RE5 or any other game, regardless of what console it's on? Put your fanboyism aside and support a greater speech and the right to choose your own entertainment.

dinkeldinkse3654d ago

But he can't get it banned because it would be an infringement of the 1st amendment. So this is retarded news like the storyline of halo and its A.I

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GoLeafsGo3654d ago

If Jack thinks he can actually stop Halo3, he's a bigger moron than the gaming industry already thinks he is.

Then again, maybe he just wants some free money from MS.

Snipes203654d ago

Hey Jackie what about Manhunt 2 on Wii? Why pick on Halo?
It's people like him that unite all the fanboys/console haters together because nobody wants to hear him trash talk any game...(except Tamagotchi...)

ChibiSelz3654d ago

Someone assassinate this NEWB

Rute3654d ago

Do you really think these kind of posts help the situation? It's ironic that you as a gamer think someone who opposes games because of suspected aggression adding effects, should be killed because of his views. You're just helping Thompson. Hopefully Thompson-minded people don't visit this site, because otherwise you would be in trouble.

Internet is not a place where you can say anything you like and get a way with it. Recently there was a trial about defamation of character, as some people called one celebrity a whore and mentally ill, along with other non-flattering names and attributes. When asked about their motives after they had received big fines, the people said they thought nobody would find out who left the comments. Funny, isn't it?

Jdash243654d ago


nobizlikesnowbiz3654d ago

All gamers know this guy is a giant turd.

We can't shut him up...legally.

Maybe he'll 'slip' and fall in the street and get his skull run over by a trash truck. Pretty gruesome. But he deserves it for being such an attention whore.