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Submitted by Bigmac573 3064d ago | news

Report: Halo 3 LE Discs Being Scratched To Death

Hooterville of NeoGAF has posted up that a friend of his opened up 3 copies of the limited edition Halo 3 set and with all three copies both discs were loose upon opening the case and consequently scratched like crazy. The problem reportedly lies within the fact that there is a poorly made plastic nub and foam disc pad holding mechanism which results in the disc's becoming loose easily. $75 for this? No thanks. Warn other gamers and potential customers of this issue. (Halo 3, Xbox 360)
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toughNAME  +   3065d ago
through which illegal method did his 'friend' get his copy of Halo 3?

this is from a forum
stunt213  +   3064d ago
Lmao i though 360 scratched game disc, but this is hilarious even 360's game case scrathed disc and it's halo 3 their biggest game of all time.
SonySoldiers  +   3064d ago
Sony loves you
We thank you for making fun of our competitors!

Halo is made in the USA, and it breaks!? So just wait for MGS that is made in Japan... now we talk about quality!!
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G_CodeMonkey  +   3064d ago
Sorry, I don't believe it...
More crap (FUD) from the internet to make M$ look bad, again. (not that they haven't helped themselves in that arena with the RRoD). gCM
kevoncox  +   3064d ago
Come on people. DOn't be so gulliable. He Got his hands on not 1 but 3 Limted Editions? Before luanch? It's just some guy trying to get people not to buy the game. It's so sad that people will post a forum post as a link. How did this get approved? What's worst is how the Sony fanboys come running in and ruining their credibility.
Dareaver1  +   3064d ago
For anyone who blieves this story....
How gullible do you have to be? I thought this was a gaming news site. Not where fanboys from any faction (yes now it's factions because of this dumb console war) can just make up news. It seems pretty much the majority to be Sony Fanboys. Then 360 fanboys, and the Wii fanboys are almost non-existent.

Why would someone post something like this. Don't they have anything better to do. This site is overrun with pre-pubescent fanboys. And if you don't believe me, then why is this post overrun with people who have no interest in the game, but to say something negative. It hasn't even been released yet. And the funny thing is that even in 360 posts you can have more disagrees than agrees, so that shows that there are more Sony Fanboys on this site than 360 and Wii fanboys. Astonishing, and sad. This doesn't make the PS3 look any better.

I mean look at all the avatars. There are clearly more 360 bashing avatars than PS3 bashing avatars. Does anyone else think that this is childish. Please, why don't every fanboy in here try to at least act mature. If you are a GAMER, you love the GAMES! End of story.
Jdash24  +   3065d ago
oh wow that really sucks, im glad i switched to the standard edition

but i wonder if the special has the same issue
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ReBurn  +   3065d ago
Friend of a forum poster, eh?
My best friend's sister's boyfriend's brother's girlfriend heard from this guy who knows this kid who's going with the girl who saw Halo 3 Legendary Edition pass out at 31 Flavors last night. I guess it's pretty serious.

In all seriousness, any particular shipment could have been damaged. Who knows what kind of abuse the package went through during shipping.
Bigmac573  +   3065d ago
It wasn't 1 LE case, it was 3 LE cases he received the same day.
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iceice123  +   3065d ago
Wonder if this works?

Damn, if I had one I'd try it on my conkers disk.
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ShiftyLookingCow  +   3065d ago
really hope mine doesnt come scratched on Monday, its a long trip
Lord Anubis  +   3065d ago
lets close our eyes and pretend it doesn't exist.
iceice123  +   3064d ago
3 copies
Out of a couple million, yes it basically doesn't.
spammy_nooo  +   3064d ago
thats what MS said about the failure rates


sorry I had to say that.

I'm sure they will replace any broken copies, MS doesn't want any bad rep with this game.
ChibiSelz  +   3064d ago
lollllllllll more garbage hahahaha
would of thought they would of fixed it for halo but were gona get bots complaning next week about there halo disks are broken or they got the rrod xD
iceice123  +   3064d ago
Talk bout garbage huh?
You must love it, you payed 600$ for a piece of trash.

Oh no, of course not. But I'd consider trash something useless. Wouldn't you? By useless something you don't use, which would be a PS3 sense no games are worth playing so it is just there. I'd consider that trash, who wouldn't?
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ChibiSelz  +   3064d ago
did i hurt your feelings lol awwww
DrPirate  +   3064d ago
Amazing how I get daily usage out of this "piece of trash"

Please dude, throw yourself in front of a train instead of being a pompous, presumptious ass.
Shaka2K6  +   3064d ago
Really theres millions of reasons not to ''finish the flop''.
Console is just a joke and the game is overated.
''believe'' this game will be crap and only tools will play it.
Chris_GTR1  +   3064d ago
stfu and go play resistance
XENOCIDE  +   3064d ago
Very original
I see they're teaching you fanboys some new tactics in those weekly meetings - jingles.

Keep up the good work recruit.

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Chris_GTR1  +   3064d ago
damn it the reply system on this site blows!
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TheExecutive  +   3064d ago
Come on Shaka... you are rediculous.
jackdoe  +   3064d ago
I bought Halo 2 Collector's Edition and similar crap happened. Why the hell would they put the game, which imo is worth more than the documentary, on top of the dvd? Anyway, if it does get damaged, Microsoft should be able to replace the discs for free.
XENOCIDE  +   3064d ago
I always wondered why they packaged it that way as well as I purchased the LE edition of Halo 2 also. Though my discs were never damaged n' I never had any problems with them popping out, I don't know why they didn't just make the case so that it holds each CD's on separate panels as most media containing more than one disc is done. I mean it's not as though there was a lack of funding or anything.

If that's the case with the LE edition of Halo 3 as well (and it appears that way from the pic's) that sucks, regardless if I'm purchasing that edition or not.
jackdoe  +   3064d ago
I believe they did that way in order to fit the oversized instruction manual and etc. I have games that have that extra attachment for the second disc. It takes up so much space that there really isn't room for a manual. The packaging still pissed me off though. Whenever I go to take out Halo 2, I have to take out the DVD first and then take out Halo 2.
dinkeldinkse  +   3064d ago
You wanna know why? Because crap sometimes oozes out and scratches stuff up.
Ahhhh  +   3064d ago
@Shaka2K6 - Okay, your really a dumbass. 360 is a joke, is that why your sill "waiting?" sorry I had to say it. But, seriously, Halo 3 overrated? Yea, maybe a little bit, but Killzone 2, are you serious? The first game can kiss my ass, it fºcking sucked, and there hyping the second to be a Halo killer. We all know the graphics are good but isn't what a game is ALL about. Yeaaaa, that in my opinion is OVERRATED.

And, seriously, why are PS3 fans in a 360 news area? You guys must secretly really love this game, or you have no life, to come here and post a stupid, useless comment. Why don't Ps3 fans just goto the PS3 News related area. And, 360 fans should stay in the 360 area. I don't see what's so complicated bout that..

@TruthBTold - Exactly, but people on here don't seem to notice that. People like Nasim think the 360 is the devil. -.- And, vice-versa.
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TruthBTold  +   3064d ago
Thank you by the way..
It's nice to see someone pissing on Fanboys instead of Sony or Xbox. True gamer IMO. Game on
TruthBTold  +   3064d ago
That is the sad part, people that actually would like to come to websites like this and be entertained with simple fun information, videos, photos and comment on games to share with other people have to be mixed up with lame fanboys who really seem to have nothing else going on in their lives except for their gameconsole which they probably kiss goodbye after they have to go to bed at night. There should be a new section for actual gamers in which people can vote fanboys out if they begin talking trash.
TruthBTold  +   3064d ago
I love my PS3 but come on...
this just seems to go to far to start flamewars. If this actually happened then it was probably fault of the people who delivered or packaged the games. I went to Best Buy to pick up HS which I had purchased for pick up, and the one that the employee gave to me had a broken case. I was afraid the game would be scrathed so I exchanged it for another one. I just think this is something that can happen with any thing that is delivered through the mail or including purchased at the store. The point I'm trying to say is that the plastic case or whatever is the cause, there can be many reasons but tryin to flip it around and then try to start saying bad things about Halo 3 is going to far. Let it be. I hate any type of fanboy, I have a preference of course, PS3 because I moved up from my PS2. But I have friends who have XBox 360 and moved up from XBox, I'm sure I will be playing it when I'm at their house as much as they play when they come over. It's about having a good time.
jcgamer  +   3064d ago
Thank you bro
for posting...bubble for you...
Ahhhh  +   3064d ago
Yea itd be really nice if we could vote people out.. but theyd probably just make a new account and come back.. but iuno maybe theyd get tired of trying to come back?
crck  +   3064d ago
Not to start a flame war this is only from a consumer's point of view.
But this is one of the biggest advantages of blu-ray discs. No one ever seems to mention it. But they simply don't scratch. Both my TMNT and Planet Earth (one of the disc) blu-ray discs were loose when I got them in the mail. But not a mark on them when I checked. I love not having to worry about that stuff.
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PimpHandHappy  +   3064d ago
i dont hang
with 360ppl

didnt you hear? 360 is officaly uncool!

Ahhhh  +   3064d ago
@PimpHandHappy - Yet, your still in here, at a 360 news area. =(
iceice123  +   3064d ago
I think I will go out and buy some HS and Lair games, scratch them up real nice and say they came like that. Will Bigmac post it as news?
Charlie2688  +   3064d ago
WTF!!!!!!!! I hope this not happened to all disc or I will F-Ing go Berserk >:| cuz I am a HUGE fan of CE/LE/DC version and I am not gonna let them F-Ing ruin this

ironically enough its the same holding system as Preys CE BUT the Preys CE was SO F-Ing tight I almost break the disc trying to pull it out O.o so I guess people actually broke the disc so now they made it SUPER loose >:|
BaMYouRDeaD  +   3064d ago
Limited Edition huh? Luckily I got the Legendary Edition ;)

Anyway, so I actually preordered the LE first, but then upgraded to the Legendary.

This probably resulted from MS mass-producing the game and all its materials since there's such high demand.

My condolences go out to all of those who received scratched disks.
Zhuk  +   3064d ago
there's no indication of the problem being widespread yet, but if it is its a major screwup of something so simple and whoever is responsible should be fired
iceice123  +   3064d ago
No logic around the Sony fanboys. They don't understand it so you will get a lot of disagrees and flames.
Zhuk  +   3064d ago
you're right, it was foolish of me to think that fandroids could reason
SofaKingReetodded  +   3064d ago
you can't disagree
with idiot xbots on your ignore
BloodySinner  +   3064d ago
Look who's talking, moron.
Chris_GTR1  +   3064d ago
LE worth it?
hey is the LE worth the extra 10$??
im thinking about getting it but i dont really know what it comes with. all i know is its a metalic case and a extra dvd movie of how they made it. anything else included?
progx  +   3064d ago
F**kin f@gdroids. We all know your scared of Halo but this is a new low.
Funky Town_TX  +   3064d ago
This is what I do
I never have games delivered. UPS and Fed EX don't care about your packages. When I get a game at retail I either open it at gamestop before I leave or a shake it to see if it is loose. I had Fight Night round 3 come loose in the package on me. The center piece of the dvd case was broken. When it broke the dvd moved around inside and that now jagged piece scratched it all the hell up.
Nameless  +   3064d ago
Attack Of The Sony Droids
PimpHandHappy  +   3064d ago
umm kinda like
the attack on of the xbots when they heard Warhawk got a review of 6.5

it goes both ways

personaly i dont like to call anyone a fanboy oor xbot or sony droid. Instead i say 360ppl PS3ppl

because thats what most are
Bathyj  +   3064d ago
I hope this is an isolated incident. If it becomes as widespread as certain other Xbox manufacturing problems Halo 3 could prove quite the embarassment for company battling with quality issues.

Is that the middle edition? Not the standard, not the best? Damn, thats what I'm getting.
jackdoe  +   3064d ago
You shouldn't worry too much. You'll get a replacement if your discs are damaged. Although it is pretty annoying.
DJ  +   3064d ago
Gamestop has a great return system
so this isn't really an issue...unless it is widespread. Then it'll just be one more PR nightmare for MS to deal with. I highly doubt it though.
sak500  +   3064d ago
I think sony paid off those delivery guys to ruffle up the H3 packages.
jay3  +   3064d ago
I got Limited edish...

So i hopefully won't have this. MS will give them replacement discs or somethng though, but still...
Nth RooCH  +   3064d ago
This smells like Sonysexuality
Anyone else think something about this post is bulls***? It seems the Sonysexuals have finished attacking the game and have moved onto the packaging. Lol!
felidae  +   3064d ago
i will shoot myself if my disc comes scratched

damn MS .. what is it with you?
Mc187  +   3064d ago
yeah its all lies M$ would never sell an inferior product to its faithful customers
iNcRiMiNaTi  +   3064d ago
thank god i have the legendary edition
jay3  +   3064d ago
[............................. ............................... ......... ]

You see that big gap? That's how jealous i am of you.
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