Microsoft Hoping 'Halo' Is Goodbye To Sony

Microsoft's marketing mavens are using the slogan "Finish the Fight" to promote the company's "Halo 3" video game, the final chapter in a popular science-fiction combat game trilogy.

It could just as well be the rallying cry for Microsoft to beat rival Sony in the next-generation video game console war.

"We're locked in a pretty good fight with Sony and (its) PlayStation 3 to win the generation. That's always been our aspiration," said Shane Kim, corporate vice president of Microsoft Game Studios. "This holiday season is critical in terms of winning that generation."

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wetowel4102d ago

If microsoft is relying on one game to defeat sony, they are in for a rude awakening.

jackfatal4102d ago (Edited 4102d ago )

they said the same thing about blue dragon that they hope it will be the game to increase x360 in japan and to be more appealing!! well we see whats happening, x360 sells less then 2000 a week their!

and now they hope to kill the ps3(not sony) but what will happen is the sale will increase for 1 month or 2 then naturally it might keep that level because of Christmas till the end of the year then x360 sales will be down so much and they will say "we dont know what we can do more... ow yes ninja gaiden 2 after a year will kill ps3"!!
by the time ps3 biggest hits will arrive and the price will go down and bye bye x360!!

JokesOnYou4102d ago (Edited 4102d ago )

ha ha this is CNN words, not micro's, Kim said something totally different, and if you sonykids think micro is just relying on Halo3 to beat sony, then its only because your eyes are closed, ha ha as if micro is just going to release Halo3 and then kill all the other games in development= NO, Halo3 is just a big gun in micro's arsenal of weapons and as you sonykids will see on Sept 25th, its one helluva BIG GUN=


jackfatal4102d ago

those x360 fans behave like its a war between countries!! they forget the MS is sucking their money on xbox live and the faulty box and then neglecting after 3 or 4 years!! what the hell u call that???

grifter0244102d ago

Hmmm this site is a disgrace to gamers everywhere not because of the information being uploaded on here but the comments that some "Gamers" put on here is shameful and disgraceful. I havent been here for a while and I would have thought it would get better but no the same old my console is better then your console bs still going on its pretty sad to read the comments sometimes.

Yes action jackson the market share for Sony is very big since they are in everything you say electronics you hear Sony the marketshare for the ps2 does overshadow both consoles the wii and 360 but dont forget it also oversahdows the ps3 by a very very very big margin, "Sony on the other hand has stacked 2008 and staggered their lineup to attract consumers all year long. Home was delayed on purpose. Why would Sony want to dillute Home's effect while American's are raving about Halo 3." I didnt know that Msofts lineup was over when halo3 came out so Mass,Creed,Ace,Wake,RE5 are going to stop being developed since msoft cant "Think to far ahead?" Plus I love how you actually say how big halo is yes halo is very big not because im a fanboy but because just look around you it has its own flavor of drink (LOL) plus when i was in gamestop the day before heavenly I kept on hearing "When is heavenly coming out?", not because its a badgame but because it doesnt have as much of an impact as halo3.Plus why does everyone keep saying the price is going to drop? Does anyone know if this will actually happen or are you guys just speculating like most of the fanboys always do? Im sorry but your 2008 prediction isnt that very good first of all the only good games coming out for the ps3 exclusively that everyone knows about is MGS, and KillZ all the others dont seem to have as much of an impact as you claim they will be. Most of the games coming out in 2008 people would probably know more about the 360 games then the ps3 if you really think about it but hey like I said its just speculation and Halo3 right now has a lot of publicity and a very big fanbase even if all the sony supporters say its just a "CR4ppy Game with old graphics" all you gotta do is look at how many people will be their at midnight on monday, how many reservers, and how much companys are paying just to have halo on their products.
But then again you guys probably wont listen and just flame for no good reason, Im actually going to be a real gamer and take off an play some of my games maybe watch Fifth Element in BR again(love that movie!) soo you guys hold up the fort and keep flaming each other for no good reason and tarnish the names of gamers everywhere later.

jackfatal4102d ago

thats y u see a lot of bull**it!

gerrard4102d ago

If mirosoft wins this console war then I'm giving up gaming (But we all know thats not gonna happen)

SonySoldiers4101d ago (Edited 4101d ago )

It's not going to happen. Halo 3 was made to fail, just like any products that made in the USA. Listen to Hirai san, he told you that the PS3 is made to last for 10 YEARS! yes... TEN not 5 years.

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kss4102d ago

finish the fight give me a break
the fight havent even started you ms azzholes

actionjackson4102d ago (Edited 4102d ago )

Relax buddy. You're completely right, without the last word.

In regards to the fight having not yet begun, you are 100% correct. Sony' market share, when including the PS2, completely overshadows any numbers MS can show. This console war cannot be based on 11M units sold. The PS2 sold over 100M and I think Sony knows that this is the number they have to achieve to launch PS4 with a smile on their face. Even if MS thinks that Halo 3 will double their sales, that's only 22M units, with no information of what's coming next. Sony on the other hand has stacked 2008 and staggered their lineup to attract consumers all year long. Home was delayed on purpose. Why would Sony want to dillute Home's effect while American's are raving about Halo 3. By next spring Halo 3's hype is gone. Sony' voice will be heard loud and clear, without any distractions and they will start to drop the bombs that they are holding in their arsenal. Expect a $100 PS3 price cut right around the holidays (with Blu-Ray major marketing). This will sell some consoles. Expect a newer model this holiday season which cuts another $100 off the price. Expect the PS2's farewell after the holiday season to open up the year for he PS3. Expect the Blu-Ray camp to start wrapping up some major deals. Expect all the games that we have been waiting for to emerge all of next year. If 2008 is Sony's year and it is looking like it is, then Sony will be saying the same things come this time next year. It all makes sense. MS can spin it all they want, but until they have a major share of the market, the industry belongs to Sony (oh, and don't forget Nintendo, which is outselling the X360). So 2008 is the year, we all know it. Let MS fans call it the waitstation, when in reality, they also had no games for the first 12 months. You will be smiling next year, Sony has already shown.

SonySoldiers4101d ago


You are the only true person in here. PS3's winning... cowboy's technology just can't cut it!

ravinash4101d ago

of the fight in the game....not the console war. Man this editor is a dum arse!
However I do find it funny how he says "It's a very important product for Microsoft because it's the one product that really distinguishes the Xbox 360 from the competition," said David Cole, an analyst with DFC Intelligence.

So what your saying is we really have to push this because we don't have anything else.

I'm sure it may push a few extra sales, like how he said old Xbox owners being forced to upgrade. But I don't see it pushing into any new market. Basically its riding off the sales from the previous release.
I've no doubt that its going to sell, but its not going to push enough console sales to say this is the end game.

HeartlesskizZ4102d ago

A company should note rely on anything but them selves.

raziizar4102d ago

hahahahahahahhahahahahahahahah hahahaha

masterg4102d ago

I hope they're ready for all the broken 360´s the coming weeks. This game is sure to cause some heat related rings of death after hours and hours of play.

Not to flame or anything.... LOL

marionz4102d ago

well ive played bioshock and GOW for hours on end and had no problem, so i dont think halo 3 will give me any issues either
RROD is so last week, most dead systems are fixed and hardware has improved so i dont expect to see a sudden increase of RROD storys when halo 3 is released, unless they are made by sony fanboys anyway