Has the Fantasy finally run out of gas?

Thunderbolt: If Square continues down their road of impulses and grim mentalities I fear a bleak future will be met; a dark place where magic doesn’t exist without a single Phoenix Down in sight.

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Chris3992871d ago

I'm actually more excited to see what they put out for the portables - 3DS, NGP. Handheld projects have for the most part been solid. Would be nice if Agito got shifted to the NGP or FFVI on either next gen portable. Their console games - developed or published under the SE label - have been disappointing this gen (except for Nier, which I adored - but that was Cavia's genius, not SE's). XIII was not a terrible game, but it wasn't extraordinary either. The only "wow" moment I had (possible spoiler) was the last hour or so of the game. Fantastic, staged final boss fight that got gaudier and gaudier, cinematic after cinematic. There was a bit of the ol' Square magic at work there. But the overall linearity for 50% of the game was a terrible design decision. The world felt far more barren than any FF I can recall.

Lost Odyssey and WKC are still my faves this gen. Lost Odyssey, because it WAS a classic FF adventure in HD with some definite adult undercurrents. WKC because it was a simple JRPG with a FREE, addictive online component that I spent hundreds of hours on. I think somewhere this gen certain developers haven't yet learned that consumers of this type of product (JRPGs) are a discerning and critical lot. Sort of like what's happening with the FPS genre now that it has reached a saturation point, you see reviewers becoming more and more fatigued and cynical in their evaluations.

You can't just put out a game that has unfriendly, unpopular or unfamiliar elements (see: FFXIV for an EXCELLENT example of SE's ignorance on this issue) and expect consumers to adapt. Not with the sheer volume of competition and choices available to us these days.

RedDead2871d ago

I wish lost Odyssey was on Pc, I wanna play it pretty bad, heard the 360 version has alot of technical difficulties and stuff though, also long loading times and I just don't have the space on my 360 harddrive to install it. Still I may get it yet....

Vorgier2871d ago

I don't know where you heard that from. The game runs perfectly fine, and it's such a great game.

That's probably the last good turn based JRPG to been seen for a long time.

Godmars2902871d ago

If XIII had been put out on the PS2 like it should have been instead of being ported, there likely wouldn't have been an issue.

Both Square and the fans just have to hope that vsXIII will deliver. That maybe XIII-2 will show some potential of a JRPG on a HD console.

MWH2871d ago (Edited 2871d ago )

lol.. oh man that was hilarious haven't laughed all day until now, thaaaank you.

Kon2871d ago

A long time ago. Since X-2

Cherchez La Ghost2871d ago (Edited 2871d ago )

There has nothing been like FF7 & FF10.

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