Naruto Jumping His Way to PlayStation 3

It seems that the rumors were true. The magazine Shonen Jump announces in its last edition the development of Naruto: PS3 Project, the first episode of the series to be born on PlayStation 3. In preparation in the studios of Namco Bandaged, Naruto: PS3 Project is awaited the country of the sun raising in the current of the year 2008.

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Azures3929d ago

good acquisition. tons of naruto fans out there, the fighting games aren't bad either.

Spike473929d ago

ps3:" no get away you gay ninja you're gonna jinx me u peice of crap"
naruto: "believe it"!!
ps3" are u gonna be exclsuive"
naruto"believe it"
ps3"nooooooooooooooo&quo t;

tell me who buys naruto instead of mgs4,halo 3 ,gta4, warhammer,FF13,age of conan , mercenaries 2, mass effcet,etc.

tell me which poor soul is wasting his money on crap when he could be playing awesome games.

Spike473929d ago

sorry naruto fans, go buy naruto when u like, just keep in mind this:

DBZ series PWNES naruto,LOL

synetic3929d ago

wrong naruto PWNES dbz just wait to the anime gets to Pein act

picture spoilers

DeadIIIRed3929d ago

Even Piccolo or Yamcha could rip that little ninja bitc*es head off.

Shaka2K63929d ago

Right ubisoft noobs?


BloodySinner3929d ago (Edited 3929d ago )

Thanks for the laugh, dude.

akaFullMetal3929d ago

yea i remember that, ahhahah jerks

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The story is too old to be commented.