TGS 2007: New Katamari game coming to PS3, but not Beautiful Katamari

There's been some confusion about whether the Xbox 360 title Beautiful Katamari is also headed for PS3 or Wii, especially after the game showed up on the Namco Bandai website as being so last week.

Speaking with Beautiful Katamari director Jun Morikawa at the Tokyo Game Show, he clarified that Beautiful Katamari specifically will not be appearing on the PS3 -- but, that the series will definitely be making its way to the console soon.

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Spike473807d ago

I don't care, i just wanna play mgs4, killzone 2, and especially gta4,

SonySoldiers3807d ago (Edited 3807d ago )

Thank you for kissing our HD gaming system's arse!

Azures3807d ago

Coming the the PS3: Practice Girl Katamari

marison3807d ago

Horrible Katamari featuring washed out colors, aliased edges etc...

Shaka2K63807d ago

Will work like a charm playing the game with the Sixaxis talking about real innovation in gaming.

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