PlayStation Boss On Why You Should Own A PS3

What's the number one reason to own a PS3 right now? According to SCEA president Jack Tretton, the console is "future proof," that's why.

"The original PlayStation lasted 10 years -- a tremendous innovation when other platforms died and were all but forgotten," Tretton told Gamepro in a recent interview. "The same thing is going on with the PS2, and I think that will be the case with the PS3."

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marionz3808d ago

blah blah wont be future proof in a years time when developers cant make the games they invision for the ps3 due to its ram restrictions, its allready lagging behind and showing that dull colour bad textures and framerate are a staple
im not hateing, if the price drop rumour is true i might get one for the future exclusives like MGS
but to claim its future proof is exactly the kind of sony BS im sick of hearing

s8anicslayer3808d ago

what's wrong with the elite i have one?sony shouldn't make bold statements like that until they have enough content to back it up!

SonySoldiers3808d ago (Edited 3808d ago )

WHy bla..bla..bla???

HE is the truest man on the planet. Boycott your xbots or you will regret! Delays are excusable to Sony, why is it so hard for you to wait??? We're IN crisis.

THE FUTURE ISN'T NOW..PLEASE WAIT!! and you'll be in the heaven of tremendous games!

Omegasyde3808d ago (Edited 3808d ago )

Did you ever think that Microsoft isn't the only one buying exclusives?

i.e. Kaz said no price, but mentioned better support and relationship for 3rd party games.....

Hmm ...It sounds like Sony is going back to the PS2 days and will start buying exclusives before the 360 division reaches into Mr. Bill Gates Big pocket(hes worth 49 billion).

Big exclusives and a 1 year head start are a key points for the 360's current lead. With Halo 3 coming and overly Hyped... Sony has to catch ground significantly, through games themselves, not price cuts.

bennyace3808d ago

When is it gonna be NOW !!!

gerrard3808d ago (Edited 3808d ago )

Listen it is not very often that games console's show their true capabilities in the first year, it takes time. And before you xbots start jumping up and down like ragging baboons I'll make a few exceptions, Yes mario 64(N64) & halo (xbox)but this is rear. End of year looks promising with potential AAA and 2008 looks very promising, so come on guys rome wasn't built in a day you know? If the situation continues to be the same by this time next year then believe me I will be one of the fist to shoot Sony down with both barrels

bluebrad19743808d ago

With the price, sony arrogance, and cgi lies, the ps3 was supposed to come out of the gate blowing the 360 away. Instead, the ps3 launched and turned out to be an inferior game machine to the 360, and $200 more expensive no less. How stupid do you expect people to be?

Also, do you think it's smart for a console maker to put in a cpu that will take 5-6 years for developers to learn how to use efficiently. No it's not, and sony didn't do that to be "future proof". Sony didn't even have gaming in mind when they decided to use the Cell. They used the Cell because it's primary function is that of a video image decoder. In other words, to support their blu-ray movie player.

No one should be expected to wait on sony. It was their lousy design choices that got the ps3 in the shape it's in, not gamers.

gerrard3807d ago

You really are a blind xbot retard, aren't you? if this was the case that Sony did not have gaming in mind for PS3 then what's the point of calling it PLAYSTATION then. And what would be the point of them selling stand alone bluray players. And so were they calling ps1 a cd player or ps2 a dvd player. Now if you had half a brain then you'd figure out that its games machine with multimedia feature's but obviously not because your brain suffered the ring of death just like your cant do no wrong 360

brianpk803807d ago (Edited 3807d ago )

Sony marketed the PS3 as a home media center that happened to play games. Only this week did they begin to reconceptualize it as a games machine. Check out the article on Sony's "astounding" new plan to save the PS3. Presenting it primarily as a games system now is a CHANGE from their original idea.

bluebrad19743807d ago

Fool yourself all you want to, I could careless, When you start feeding people d*ng just because your a blind idiot, then we have an issue. Here is sony's money maker, the cpu that is built for current-gen gaming, the Untapable, FRANK processor.
Are you serious? The Frank processor will take 5-6 years for devs to use it effeciently? Well that means it's futureproof, because I'm an idiot.
PLEASE DUMBASSES,I have the most luxiorus mane of pubic hair, give me $600 and it will play a blu-ray movie.

gerrard3807d ago

So why was it called Playstation 3? And from the beginning what was resistance, motorstorm, VF5, Genji, VT3, and 30 more other titles at the launch (which is a record amount of games for a console launch)were they not games. Not to mention backwards compatibility to PS2 software (which is still selling well) and ps1 games (a lot more than 360. And what exactly are you accusing sony of. You people make me laugh your same lot that talk a lot of crap about sonys (so called) demise when they've sold 5 million consoles world wild so far in 9 months. You lot write it off and call it a bluray machine that is very bad at games (machine nine months old brand new technology) diss the cell processor as nothing more than sony lies, when if you open your eyes and do a bit more research the chip was developed also by toshiba and IBM so of course its gonna take time to learn it ( its like a novice driver who is used to driving a Mini, Learning how to drive a ferrari). And when they've shown proof of the PS3 power you lot dismiss it as its ten years away. We've got games now Like heavenly sword, warhawk, and R&C with more to come this fall i.e GT5 prologue, UT3, Uncharted drakes fortune e.t.c and still you lot complain. GO AWAY AND ENJOY YOUR FAKE SO CALLED NEXT GENERATION 360, BE FOOLS AND PAY TO GO ON HALF BAKED ONLINE GAMES THAT LAG A LOT ENJOY MICRO$$OFT RIPPING YOU ALL OFF AND I'LL ENJOY MY VALUE FOR MONEY PS3 THAT HAS SO FAR HAS NOT LET ME DOWN(not to mention the best quality movies i've seen but hey its a bonus)

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bluebrad19743808d ago

He doesn't know the future. Judging from the present, ps3 is a rip-off and not the best choice for a current gen game machine. "Future proof" is just another pr fluff word, kind of like "potential".

Lord Anubis3808d ago

like microsoft's elite unit?

Bloodmask3808d ago (Edited 3808d ago )

You can't futureproof technology. Console technology is already outdated by PC technology the second the console hits the shelf. If you could futureproof technology there would never be a PS4.

The only reason Sony supports their consoles for such a long time is bc it is all profit at this point. They can manufacture a PS2 which is massively outdated technology for next to nothing.

Once again more BS from Sony. Maybe they really do think you can futureproof things seeing as how they are shifting their support to the PS2 bc PS3 isn't selling well. Just to bleed their fanbase with last gen games.

If anyone believes this article even for a second I feel for you.

xplosneer3808d ago

I like my PS3, Blu Ray is ahead, and Cell is WAY ahead, but by no means is his console future proof. I think the current games problem is because of devs, but again, by no means is the technology going to be the best in a year. The only way to future proof something is to put chip-generating nanomachines that automatically upgrade everything! Wahah!

rogimusprime3808d ago

"The only reason Sony supports their consoles for such a long time is bc it is all profit at this point."

I'm going to give you a chance to think about that line from a business standpoint before insulting your intelligence as a mammal.

I lied, you're a monkey...I have to insult you.

What other reason would there be to support a console? WHY WOULD THEY INVEST IN SOMETHING AND JUST LEAVE MONEY ON THE TABLE!?

Thats what M$ did with the XBOX 1. Had a great user base, better graphics than the ps2 and a functional live. then abandoned every loyal consumer who bought their FIRST console and made them upgrade controllers, memory cards, and sneakily re-coined LIVE to xbox gold.

Is that not for profit?

PimpHandHappy3808d ago

You say it has bad color bad textures and framerate issues! Then you say you dont own one. Get a grip dude! Go play warhawk and talk to me about framerate issues.

Go play HS and tell me about dull colors and bad textures! These are two games that debunk your whole talking point and guess whats, its all within 10months of launch. You keep telling yourself what u have in your first post and continue to be blinded by the few multi-platform games.

You can come back and tell me HS is crap and warhawk is boring...becuase i know u have played neigher.


SofaKingReetodded3808d ago

the PS3 produces and then seeing these turds post their xbot fantasies about bad PS3 graphics and choppy framerates just makes these threads pure comedy.

TheExodus3808d ago (Edited 3808d ago )

IF the PS3 were "future proof" Sony would have included an HD-DVD/Blu-ray combo drive, but with just a Blu-ray drive the PS3 is only "future proof" if 360 & HD-DVD don't eviscerate the PS3 come Christmas.

gerrard3808d ago

Because Blurays out selling it 3 to one