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Ridge Racer Fans Show Hatred For Series Reboot

Recently Namco have released trailer for the all-new Ridge Racer game, Ridge Racer: Unbounded.
What do long time fans of the series think about it?, You only need to check out the facebook page to find out. (PC, PS3, Ridge Racer: Unbounded, Xbox 360)

Surfaced  +   1570d ago
wait... there are RR fans in 2011?
killcycle  +   1570d ago
Get your head out your mediocre ass.
Ridge Racer is unique
evrfighter  +   1570d ago
that's great and all but ridge racer fans didn't keep it from fading into obscurity.

They have no right to whine and moan.
ComboBreaker  +   1569d ago
Ridge Racer Type 4 captured the essense of Ridge Racer perfectly.
Every the Ridge Racer after Type 4 failed to capture the Ridge Racer essence and ended up being a typical racer.

The essense of Ridge Racer Type 4...

It was about adrenaline-pumping racing through beautiful zen-like sceneries with god-like control over your car through the mastery of the game's drifting and griping techniques while beautiful music plays in the background.

For example, getting up very early in the morning to race on that misty track while listening to beautfil background music. Or racing deep into the night, on a track surrounded by beautiful street lights wtih fireworks shooting in the distance.

Ridge Racer Type 4 wasn't just a racing game. It was an experience, something that other Ridge Racer failed to reproduced.

And now, Ridge Racer Reboot is just going to be another typical cliche Burn Out racer.

And what did they do to Reiko Nagase? They have turned her into some Chinese tramp who walks like there's something stuck up her ass. What happen to the beautiful Japanese goddes in Ridge Racer Type 4?

Namco have fallen so far.
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killcycle  +   1569d ago
@ Combobreaker

I could not agree more. Well said man.. well said

They're are rebooting Ace Combat too.. changing the aspects of the game.

I think Namco are starting to care a little less about the originality of their games and are instead caring about their pockets.
toaster  +   1570d ago
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BlackBusterCritic  +   1570d ago
Quagmire  +   1570d ago
599 US Dollars :)
Wolfie  +   1570d ago
Giant Enemy Crab :D
Gen0ne  +   1570d ago
I'll jump on the hate train as well. Not feelin' it. At all.
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kasasensei  +   1570d ago
So fck the fanboys. :p
McMee  +   1570d ago
im no die hard RR fan but this just doesn't seem right to me, wrong move imo
zeph94  +   1570d ago
I jsut watched the trailer....no thank you. I got addicted to RR7 and this dissapoints me *sadface*
A7XEric  +   1570d ago
I'm personally glad for the change. Ridge Racer has been completely irrelevant for over a decade it feels like. I think the whole NFSU vibe the trailer had was sorta lame, but if there's as much environmental destruction and interactivity as the trailer implies, then I think Ridge Racer might be worth caring about again. Waiting to see gameplay.
DeadlyFire  +   1569d ago
I know nothing of what RR is about, but this new reboot is definitely a shift away from what it used to be. Whether that is good or bad you should play the game before you decide. As far as the trailer goes. It is so vague. I wouldn't put all my cards on that trailer being the whole representation of the game.
Ether  +   1570d ago
"Gamers hating on reboot"

What a rare and unexpected event.
NBT91  +   1570d ago
What is wrong with people?! If they keep that fun insane drift feel the I think that looks sick!
zeksta  +   1570d ago
Well.. Must be why this game is coming in 2012 xD
hot4play  +   1570d ago
Different developer...

After watching the trailer, for the first time I want a game to fail so bad. This is NOT Ridge Racer! Dont try to make the series like a bad Burnout or NFS copycat!

Wrong move Namco...this is gonna suck.
PirosThe4th  +   1569d ago
I hate all reboots... first DMC, now this?
What else Megaman and Pacman reebot?

The only good reboot so far seems to be Tomb Raider! T_T
Sugreev2001  +   1569d ago
I'm angry too.I've been a fan of the series since the PSone era,and I don't know why it would need a reboot.I thought Ridge Racer 7 was great.
C L O U D  +   1569d ago
That logo always remind me of Most Wanted
ReBurn  +   1569d ago
I've played every Ridge Racer game ever, and I'm not upset by this in the least. Namco has been out of ideas in Ridge Racer since Ridge Racer 2. Ridge Racer 4 tried the whole career thing, but it was stiff and unfun.

If people are so in love with the original Ridge Racer formula then the games would perform better at retail. At best Ridge Racer has become a proof of concept for new hardware when it launches instead of the unique arcade racer that it once was.

I say bring on the change.
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