Sega's 2010 Financial Results

Sega has recently released their 2010 earnings, showing that they have done quite well in the previous year. Sonic Colors and Vanquish sales details included.

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FailOverHero2664d ago

Those numbers seem very low for the entire year, only 1.48 million 360 games the whole year? Hey at least they made a profit of almost 800 million

SilverSlug2664d ago

Yeah, it does... because its not the entire year. Its Q3 profits...

Article got it wrong, its not yearly. The year for SEGA is not over till March.

lelo2play2664d ago (Edited 2664d ago )

"1.48 million software units were sold on Xbox 360 divided by 11 different SKUs, PSP sold 1.44 million divided by 11 SKUs, the Wii accounted for 1.42 million units across 9 SKUs, DS brought in 1.34 million units across 9 SKUs and the PS3 managed 1.13 million units across 7 SKUs."

Do different SKUs mean different games ?
If SKU's are games, what games came to the X360 that didn't come to the PS3 by Sega?

I find these numbers very low... for every platform. It gives an average of 100-150k per game in any platform.

SilverSlug2664d ago

Virtua-On Force. But I dunno if that was out at the time. This is Q3... so basically Yakuza games didn't count etc.

TheRacingX2664d ago

If you have not played Vanquish, GO BUY IT! its a great action game and deserves better sales numbers. I'd also like to know the sales numbers for AvP, although panned often, I think it was a good game and there are always matches to play on PSN (even though the matchmaking is wonky and should have been fixed), so fans have bought it.

Vesemir2664d ago

Damn I don't have stocks in Sega, doesn't matter to me.

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