Baby Maker Extreme 2 Like normal baby making, only more extreme.

With over 800,000 downloads and 120,000 purchases, the original Baby Maker Extreme was the top XBox Indie game of 2010. With the new year, comes a brand new birthing simulation in Baby Maker Extreme 2.

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Mmmkay2425d ago

yeah... 360 can keep this. no worries.

BabyTownFrolics2424d ago

arent you needed in another comment section complaining about media bias against the ps3 or killzone 3 scores less than a 10.

its a one dollar goofy game, thats actually kind of fun. in fact there are alot of great indie games

Mmmkay2424d ago

why? you're the troll!

Burning_Finger2424d ago

Is this Kinect enable? ;)....If so GOTY??

Rainstorm812424d ago

Wow! This is really sad.....all the indie games and this takes the cake?

Has anyone actually played it and is it ANY good??

That_Genius2424d ago

Haha nice...I thought it was one of those joke games but what do you know...

ElementX2424d ago

This shouldn't be tagged PS3, reported

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The story is too old to be commented.