Downloadable content confirmed for Halo 3

Bungie's head of production Jonty Barnes has confirmed that Halo 3 will be receiving downloadable content, infact this is inevitable. Barnes noted that Bungie has continued to support Halo 2 and released new DLC for the title which is now two and a half years old so ultimately Halo 3 will be receiving some royal treatment too. Barnes remarked he is particularly excited by Halo 3's map editing feature too!

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Covenant3715d ago

This was inevitable...

And VERY, VERY welcome!

Good news indeed!

More maps, more content...more PWNAGE!

Now I'm even more stoked for this game.

jackdoe3715d ago

Just hope it becomes free after a couple of months of release.

lockload3715d ago

This is not news its obvious

ASSASSYN 36o3715d ago

Obviously it isn't campaign DL content. But, multiplayer maps are welcome. I am buying an ELITE to supplement my Halo 3 experience.

Covenant3715d ago

Elites ROCK. All that HD space makes me a little giddy.

I've downloaded darn near everything I wanted...and I still have 98 GB left.

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The story is too old to be commented.