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Killzone 3 Review - ZTGD

ZeroTolerance Writes: Let’s not beat around the bush here. I was not a fan of the first two Killzone titles. Sure, part two had some truly amazing multi-player that PS3 gamers are still enjoying, but the campaign was a snooze fest, in my personal opinion. That has all changed with Guerilla Games’s latest entry in the franchise. It does appear that the third time is the charm. Killzone 3 now sports a complete package: jaw-dropping visuals, a solid online component and a campaign that will have you on the edge of your seat from start to finish. Even if you have not been a fan of the series to date, KZ3 is easily one of the best FPS experiences I have had in quite some time, and I highly recommend it. (Killzone 3, PS3) 9.3/10

enkeixpress  +   1170d ago
Keep those 9s coming.. :D
K3nji  +   1170d ago
add a .5 if you're feeling generous...then round it up! =D
Istanbull  +   1170d ago
Great review from a great site!
BabyTownFrolics  +   1170d ago
Has any one else noticed the horrible spawn camping in operations?
LightofDarkness  +   1170d ago
Yes. I played the beta today, it was fun but I haven't been terribly impressed with it so far. Controls feel a lot better, more in line with what I'm comfortable with (a la BC2). Graphics are fairly good, but I can't see why anyone would say it's THE best on consoles, UC2 still looks better IMO , but it is just one map so I'll wait and see. It has some cool ideas, but I'm going to stick with Bad Company 2 for now (on PC).

Sorry, meant to agree but hit the wrong button. No wonder I suck at KZ 3 :p
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fooltheman  +   1170d ago
Never had any spawn camping ^^
K3nji  +   1170d ago
Nope...But what i have noticed is that every class you can pick from in MP is balanced and i don't feel like one class tops all the others...i love that everyone has some sort of purpose and role! =D
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SephireX  +   1170d ago
KZ's campaign was not a snooze fest by any means. KZ3 is the definitive fps this gen. Forget about the campaign, its all about the multiplayer and from playing the beta, I can tell you it is awesome!
FrustratedFury  +   1170d ago
Honestly, Killzone 2's multiplayer was amazing. I enjoyed every hour I put into it, but the single player game made me want to rip my hair out. It was boring, monotonous, and difficult. Reading this review and seeing that the reviewer felt the exact same way I did about Killzone 2 and still praises Killzone 3 means something to me. Killzone 3 must be an awesome game.
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Ravage27  +   1170d ago
While i do miss the heavy feel and recoil, KZ3 still feels very much like the KZ2 MP i spent over 300hours in. Warzone is still as amazing as ever and teamwork is still crucial for victory.

The class-based gameplay has been refined considerably and the graphics is easily the best of all console shooters.
PaladinXII  +   1170d ago
KZ3 anticipation
The most compelling thing about this review was the comparison between KZ2 and KZ3. It's interesting that it counters some of the criticism about the campaign.

I, too, LOVED KZ2's multiplayer (even though I got into it late). As a rule, I typically don't like shooter multi. It's not my thing. I suck at Halo and don't do much better in Call of Duty.

For some reason KZ2's multi clicked with me. I'm looking forward to seeing if that trend continues with KZ3.
xstation79  +   1170d ago
So I guess this site is ok then?
FrustratedFury  +   1170d ago
What does that mean? The writers at this site play every game they review to it's full potential. They give their honest opinions about the games and check their bias at the door.
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SoapShoes  +   1170d ago
Lol and the fanboys again clearly ignore the good scores. I think it's funny, all of the fanboys come out of the woodwork to hate on a game that is clearly awesome.

I'm glad the reviews came out early so once the game finally comes out the shitstorm of fanboys hating will be over. I'm tired of the B.S. that they always pull on every PS3 game and they really aren't stopping people from liking this game. Judging from many reviews this is a game to own and no matter how much hate they spew, no one is going to listen to them.
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Brutallyhonest  +   1170d ago
Well written review Zero!

My little rant but some of the other reviews concerning this particular title:

I really don't know what to even make of the gaming media any more.
One site harps on one thing and another says the complete opposite. It's like they are all playing completely different games. My main gripe being sites nitpicking certain aspects of a game that others get a pass on. There really does appear to be some bias journalist (a stretch for most site to be labeled this) in the gaming media today.

All I will say is anything below an 8 is just sites looking for hits. Why do I say this? Because there is no ignoring the fact that this is a quality game from a quality company. It has amazing visuals, sound, great voice actors, diverse gameplay, runs smoothly with incredible fx and animations and great multiplayer.

Regardless what a reviewers "opinion" is about the story or online modes (which it is not even out yet so I cant for the life of me understand how this games multiplayer aspect is included in such early reviews), to rate this game below an 8 (which I personally "my opinion" consider to be tipping towards the average line once you hit the 7's) is laughable when overly milked games like the COD franchise are always rated so high, yet always so broken.
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ZeroTolerance  +   1170d ago
To be honest I agree, while I did not enjoy KZ2's campaign, I would have still scored it high. Mainly because the game was still quality in so many aspects that the one thing that I did not enjoy would not be the same as everyone else. It is hard sometimes to differentiate between opinion and being critical. Hands down KZ3 surpassed my expectations and I fell in love with it. All of this talk about reviews is really crazy nowadays, we are just gamers too :)
Brutallyhonest  +   1170d ago
I enjoy hearing a real gamers take on games and you sir have a crazy gamer score. Man do you play a lot. I am surprised you find time to write reviews. ;)
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FrustratedFury  +   1170d ago
While I agree with you on most points, I will have to disagree with you on the thought process that a 7 is average. ZTGD scales a 7 as a "Good" game. A 7.9- 6.0 is considered an above average game. It still boggles my mind that some people(not saying this is you) think that when you give a 7.0, you're scoring it badly. Again, this is just my opinion, and like the saying goes: Opinions are like asses…
Brutallyhonest  +   1170d ago
@ Frustrated
Todays gaming media appears to be very forgiven. They hand out 9's and 10's like candy to barely mediocre games. When games score in the low 7's or below it usually isn't a good sign by todays standards.

I just don't want today's tabloid gaming journalist to discourage companies like GG from pouring so much effort into their projects. A lot of developers and publishers are taking the easy way out and cashing in on next to no effort and as little cash as possible. Just throw in the money that should of went to the game itself into marketing and BAAAM, instant hit!

I want to industry to move forward and not become complacent and stagnent which is what it has by a lot of once great developers. Some of which have went under or had to merge with other companies to stay a float.
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