MGS4 Game Over Sequence

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots Game Over Sequence

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HeartlesskizZ3711d ago

I love it. The guys over a GT got great Ideas...That the flashing should change depending how far you are in the game.

Venom_Blood3711d ago

just like the part on the lake with the sorrow

HeartlesskizZ3711d ago

talking about the Sorrow...I hope he re appears in MGS4

DrPirate3711d ago

COMON! WILL ANYTHING ABOUT THIS GAME SUCK ALREADY! Jeez, even the game over music and sequence have to awesome my socks off.

I don't even make sense when I talk about MGS4, that's how hyped I am.

Cartesian3D3711d ago (Edited 3711d ago )

but Im really dissapointed... where is Team ICO project ? FFVII remake ( I know its 100% rumor but.. ) ? ..

TGS is the most important game show this year... and SONY didnt make any surprising news.. ( rumble ? yakuza3 ? Sega horror game ? more remote play functions ? some FFXIII trailers? .... )

I mean .. in E3 (less important this year vs TGS) they show Killzone , new Infamous title announced.. many NEW footages...

but those Games arent new now.. and some of them released already (HS,Lair,warhawk )

I want to know sth about new project from Team ICO, FFVII remake or a new title announcment.. may be my expectation is very HIGH .. but GOD plz there is only ONE DAY.. make all gamers happy and give them HD FFVII TITLE..

I think SE wont give us any news about FFVII , cuz of FFXIII they want to make it perfect and all members working on this title , and there is no new Kingdom hearts for PS3 because right now whole team are working on versus XIII ...

so my bad.. its just a childish hope.. but atleast they can say after FFXIII they will work on it..

jackdoe3711d ago

Looks interesting. This truly is the last game with Snake reminiscing over old times when he dies. Hopefully they put in scenes from MGS and MGS2.

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The story is too old to be commented.