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Submitted by MaideninBlack 1829d ago | news

Vanquish Sells 820,000 Copies WorldWide

According to Sega Sammy's financial reports for the first nine months of the 2010, worldwide sales of the sci fi third-person shooter, Vanquish, were just shy of the million mark in the 3 months after it's release. (PS3, Sega, Vanquish, Xbox 360)

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Dark_Overlord  +   1829d ago
Still need to take this game outta the wrapping :( Its annoying having too many good games all at once
Yi-Long  +   1829d ago
I have the same 'problem'...
... but I don't think it's annoying at all. I actually like it better this way, cause you can wait for current games to hit the bargain-bin, while you're busy enjoying all those great classics you already picked up (also from the bargain-bin btw) for the first time.

I just started Mass Effect 1 this week. Still have a shitload of other classics waiting.
Ahasverus  +   1829d ago
The problem is that waiting for the games to hit the bargain bin gives Devs few money and then you would have less "classics"... I don't think that everygame must be bought at full price but a $40 price is fair IMO
Inside_out  +   1829d ago
Vanquish sales...
Well for such a short game with NO multi-player, those are pretty impressive numbers IMO. I've yet to rent it, maybe this weekend. I understand you complete the game in one sitting...O_o

I hope this doesn't encourage more devs to release 4-5 hour single player only games at full price.
TOSgamer  +   1829d ago
Shut up already about these "poor" developers we are suppose to support because they only make $80k to $100k on average. If you're so worried about their welfare start a charity for them. Funny, but I bet you don't think twice about the poor women and children in China and Indonesia making your clothes and shoes for $5 a day. Or the women in China actually assembling the game consoles you play games on. Why don't you remind people to support them?
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NeoBasch  +   1829d ago
Please God forget ME2 ever existed. The story pales in comparison to ME1. You'll be extremely disappointed. Especially if you play the two back to back.

In other news, Vanquish is absolutely amazing. Highly underrated game that I'll probably be finishing up this weekend now that I'm caught up in school (worked nearly a week straight on one programming assignment).
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Mahr  +   1828d ago
Article title is misleading. 820K is shipped, not sold. Its actual sell-through is estimated to be a fraction of that number.

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Iamback  +   1829d ago
I loved DEMO so i feel embarrassed that i still don't have it. I will for sure next month.
ABizzel1  +   1829d ago
Hopefully they make it to 1 million. It's a game game, just short and over the top like Bayonetta.
ABizzel1  +   1829d ago
good game not game game. lol
NYC_Gamer  +   1829d ago
nice amount sold without any real marketing
Ahasverus  +   1829d ago
Another victim of Fallout and Castlevania. Fallout outsold CV of course by a large trail but at least CV managed to sell 1M in 3 weeks.
dragonyght  +   1829d ago
this is pretty bad its a shame tho it was quite good
Neckbear  +   1829d ago
It's not bad at all, considering it was a game with NO advertising whatsoever, no multiplayer, and you saw the typical "HURR NO RPELAY VALUEH WHERZ MAI MP?!?!" complaints.

In fact, it's quite...good.

Here's hoping for a sequel or somethin'!
Stealth20k  +   1829d ago
Id rather sega focus on valkyria 3
Redempteur  +   1829d ago
not the same studio , not the same staff .>Besides V3 is already out
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KotC  +   1829d ago
Vanquish 2
gman_297  +   1829d ago
It needs more!
Der_Kommandant  +   1829d ago
enkeixpress  +   1829d ago
not too bad.. I was expecting the sales to be alot lower 'cause I thought people were worried about not getting their moneys worth.. with all of that "4 hours playing time" talk..
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kratos17  +   1829d ago
sega have great potential to be a great publisher but they somehow find a way to fuck something up, lucklily they have platinum games to pick up there lack of effort
Hideous  +   1829d ago
Anyone who has this sitting at home in it's wrapper needs to get it out and play it! One of the tightest shooters of last year and really original. Its been described as Gears on smack and thats pretty much how it is.

I dont know if you will play through it n one sitting, on an above average difficulty level it takes more like 7 hours to get through but those are 7 intense full on hours filled with more action than most long games have in them. It's got really good replay value for me to, lots of achievements to find and time-attack scores to beat.
iamgoatman  +   1829d ago
And I was one of them! Picked it up during those black friday deals on an impulse buy for a tenner brand new. Didn't play the demo and barely knew anything about it, but it turned out to be pretty damn fun, although short.

I liked that it didn't bog itself down with an overly long and complicated story, it was all about the fast paced gameplay. Ended up playing through it twice back to back which would have been difficult if it was story driven, would've gotten bored quickly. Felt like an old school platformer in that you could do speed runs and play through it just to blow shit up.
Redempteur  +   1829d ago
that's 96% more than enslaved without the ads ...

i guess the game just had to be good to sell ?
Ps3thebest   1829d ago | Spam
Silly gameAr  +   1829d ago
Come on people! it's sooo close to a million.
Vinushka  +   1829d ago
VANQUISH! One of the GREATEST games of this generation. Game of the Year of 2010. It also happens to be the best shooter this generation, too. Gawd, I love me some Vanquish.

I need a Vanquish 2 right now. I'll cry if it doesn't get made. D':
Ps3thebest   1829d ago | Spam
kewlkat007  +   1829d ago
A "Game Game"...well that's a new one but you are correct. It's like a movie like "Taken" with Liam Neesson...Straight up cut to the chase action...oh so lovely. I will get this game after I finish Red Dead.
dredgewalker  +   1829d ago
Even for a short game I had a lot of fun with this game. I finished it 5 times already. People should give this game a chance. I hope they make a sequel with more weapons and a suit that can be upgraded.
Venox2008  +   1829d ago
One of the best games of 2010.. Finished in about 7 hours on normal, died 2 times... such a great game!!! BUY IT!!!! Please Platinum games, RELEASE VANQUISH 2 & BAYONETTA 2 & MADWORLD 2 ...and if you can VIEWTIFUL JOE 3!!!!!!!! :) Then I could be happy :)
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Ponurasky  +   1829d ago
Wow, I thought it flopped just like Resonance of Fate and Yakuza 3. Nice to know. I have mixed feelings about this game yet I have to say it's the best shooter since RE5.
Redempteur  +   1829d ago
just so you know yakuza 3 didn't flop .

edit: Well yeah sega doesn't care ..that's why we are getting the 4th game now ?
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Ponurasky  +   1829d ago
It did, just localisation costs are so small that SEGA don't care anyway.

Of course in Japan it's a hit, but I had in mind EU and USA.
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Vesemir  +   1828d ago
Almost 1 million. And they said Platinum Games couldn't make games that actually sells.
I say Bayonetta, Vanquish. Eat it.
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mcmmaster  +   1828d ago
Its games like this that deserve millions being sold, not call of duty :(
PandaJenkins  +   1828d ago
Bought it, loved it. It deserves good sales. Still need to attempt the challenges and will probably replay it on top difficulty at some point.
cfountain  +   1828d ago
loved it. really good game.

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