Killzone 3 Campaign 4.5 Hours Long - Proof

NowGamer: Killzone 3's campaign completion screens prove that the game is easily completed on a first run-through, normal difficulty, in 4 and a half hours...

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gillri2484d ago

oh dear

its all about MP anyway, which im playing and is ALOT of fun

Crysis 2's SP was always the one I was looking forward to thought

BryanBegins2484d ago

We always see "proof" like this for any new AAA game. I must suck at videogames because every time I buy a game with a supposedly such short campaign, it always takes me longer to finish the game. Like GoW3 or Splinter Cell Conviction. And everytime, it ignores all the replay values (like challenge room/maps, co-op, etc).

Anyway, as you said, shooters are all about multiplayer now.

skyward2484d ago

Journalists do play games quite a lot... but I doubt they're better at games than the average CoD monster...

Iamback2484d ago

In before COD has 2.5hr long SP.

Spinner will spin. Face it COD is still the beast.

Istanbull2484d ago

It took me 9 hours to finish Killzone 2.

If you rush trough it, ofcourse it wouldn't be that long.

But only idiots would rush trough this game.

Iamback2484d ago (Edited 2484d ago )

yeah i think you should sit in some corner for 5 hours, and then start playing just so you can say " i didn't rush, it took me 28 hours to finish SP".
I finished KZ2 in 6 or so hours, no rush, just playing as any normal person would.

Army_of_Darkness2484d ago

This better not be the case when I play it! I don't want no short COD bullshit!

Active Reload2484d ago

I wonder if the Jungle level will be a map for multiplayer.

awesomeperson2484d ago

"Face it COD is still the beast. "


Best laugh of tonight- thankyou. (Except maybe 2 foreign language speakers on the Aus servers who kept saying Double Kill in the KZ3 Demo).

Now back to Killzone 3.


GrieverSoul2484d ago (Edited 2484d ago )

Well, he could of replayed some of the levels and shaved a few minutes from it. Still, the total time amounts to 4 and half hours but we got to count the time he died and replayed sections of the game in order to reach the next checkpoint. This is no excuse but I dont think time is a decisive factor in single player experiences. What benefit does a 50 hours long game brings if it bores you to death. For me it doesnt matter how long the ride is, what matters for me is to say ITS WAS WORTHY in the end of it.

Headquarters112484d ago

lol GOOD! I hate long single player campaigns especially in FPS' games.

S_C2484d ago

You Say Its Ok For A Ps3 Exclusive To Have A Short Campain But If This Was An Xbox 360 Exclusive Game You Would All Be Ripping It To Shreds, Slaging It Off The Full Work,But Because Its Your PS3 Lovechild Aka KZ3 Everything Is Well And Dandy, I Really Dont See The Appeal About This Game, KZ2 Was Soo Bland And Boring, The Color Pallet Was Enough To Make You go To Sleep, And The Gamplay Was Just Outright, But You PS3 Fanboys Cant Admit Any Of That As You Feel Its A Sense Of Weekness, And No Im Not A 360 Fanboy I Just Speak The Truth. But Let The Disagrees From The Fanboys Roll In As I Had Somthing Bad To Say About Their Beloved Killzone.

Iamback2484d ago


Forget logic and common sense with PS3 fangirls. They spin things as they like. I played KZ3 Beta for 5 min and that was enough for me. In before Beta yada yada yada, bla bla bla. It was enough for me to see that it is more or less like MP in KZ2, with better hit detection ill give them that, but still clunky imprecise controls that ruin the experience.
I am casual MP guy I am all about SP, but even i appreciate MP in COD games and there is a reason why 25 million play those games. Something blind fanboy pretend not to see and bring generic comments about how broken it is.

Ill pass on KZ3, will get it once it drops down to 15 euro. After seeing R3 gameplay, i can't wait to play that game. KZIP gets to much credit when Resistance destroys it!

ravinash2484d ago (Edited 2484d ago )

@ S_C

Use enter key much?

@ Iamback

odd how you like to spend more time commenting about these games than actually playing them.
Nothing wrong with not playing them, but if I want to play a game like COD, I go play COD.

Iamback2484d ago (Edited 2484d ago )

I had 10 comments in last 24hr, usually i have 2-3 per day. Game that i anticipated got released, of course i am going to express my opinion. So your comment that is supposed to represent me as someone who wrote 100 comments in last 24 hr has failed. I recommend you listen to your own comment and go play a game, not demos, or betas, but a game. Since you guys at N4g barely play games.

ravinash2484d ago

You said you played the demo for 5 minutes and said that was enough for you.

Writing these comments in just this one item would have taken about the same amount of time.

So where was I wrong?

Beside, I never said I'd played the demo or claim the game was good. I'm just waiting for the game to come out and will see for myself like any normal human would.

kneon2484d ago

If it's true that sucks, I love the KZ environment and atmosphere so I'd like to spend as much time there as possible. A 100 hour sp wouldn't be too long for me, but I know it's not going to happen.

But if this is anything like KZ2 then it's going to take a lot longer on Elite, unlike veteran on COD where there is little difference in difficulty.

Ju2484d ago

lamback, I don't get it. KZ is KZ. If you want another game play another game.

It still cracks me up that people come in here with every KZ release and expect a CoD like experience.

Will never happen. You can actually feel (!) your limbs in KZ. No other game does achieve that. If you can't handle that, play twitchy shooters.

I like Resistance and I can't wait for that game. But KZ3 is just its own might.

And, BTW, KZ3 with Move is awesome. Surprisingly. Reload with flicking the wrist...that just happens naturally. Aiming is no problem with Move either. It almost feels like a cheat, TBH. You can follow the target. Can't do that with DS3.

BryanBegins2484d ago (Edited 2484d ago )

@S.C: Dude, I specifically mentionned Splinter Cell Conviction as not having a so-called short campaign! Just to prove I wasn't a sony fanboy. Seriously, learn to read.

And look at my other comments, I prefer my ps3 but I'M not a fanboy. I often defend the 360.

x5exotic2484d ago

replay value is purely the awesomeness of the game itself

not stupid challenges,any game can put 10000000000 callenges and the game will never be over but might itself be boring gameplay-wise

Inside_out2484d ago (Edited 2484d ago )

So 4.5 hours of game play???...can't be. They have already said that the game has 70+ minutes of cut-scenes...O_o

So what the heck did they use that 40gb for??? Is this what you get for using 100% of the I don't care how good or not the rest of the game is but if it's actually 3.5 hours long with 70 minutes of cut scenes ( Guerrilla #'s ), there is no way anyone could give a perfect score to this game or even close. Vanquish was 4 hours long as well...I think.

This needs to be clarified. I don't believe it myself. The link was broken so I will have to wait for confirmation from other sites. If all these reviewers actually finished the game ( big IF ) then we will know soon.

EDIT: Link is working now...It says that the total game play is 4.5 hours and with the 70 minutes of reported cut scenes would be 5.5+ hours...still pretty short even if that's true. I think most want it for the multi-player any ways...still.

HappyGaming2484d ago (Edited 2484d ago )

4.5 hours?
In Killzone 2 you could go through most parts with just a knife on the easy difficulty.

Play it in Elite and tell me if you can run past the maps in 4.5 hours.

@above 5.5 hours on easy difficulty without dying...
probably goes up to 8-9hours when you don't replay the same levels to get a better time and you play on a hard difficulty.

Harder difficulty means you have to take cover and play strategically which can really effect your time in KZ2 and am guessing KZ3 as well.

S_C2484d ago

Your In Work And Your Still Browsing N4G For Killzone 3 Articles And Sticking Up For It, Man Your More Of A Die Hard Fanboy Than I Thought

Pillage052484d ago

Just checked my kz2 "best time" scores and added them up...came to 3 hours and 24 minutes....

WildArmed2484d ago

lol @ proof.
I can finish most games under their half their 'normal' time too if I run through the game...
But why would I want to do that

TheLastGuardian2484d ago

I'll believe if I beat it that fast. I highly doubt I'll be able to finish it that fast. I'll probably beat it in 6-10 hours on normal with PS Move. I already know I love the multiplayer because I played the beta for 7 hours total yesterday. Why are games journalist ripping on Killzone 3 so hard. It's like hey don't want it to sell or something. I'm buying it regardless of what anyone says.

Pixelated_Army2484d ago (Edited 2484d ago )

Look! I have proof! lol They trying a little too hard right now.

So the SP is beast as usual and the MP is getting a lot of attention and praise they want to start slinging shit.. that's sad dude.


Megaton2484d ago

Looks like they went full-CoD.

Skizelli2484d ago (Edited 2484d ago )

"You can actually feel (!) your limbs in KZ. No other game does achieve that. If you can't handle that, play twitchy shooters."

I think the reason a lot of people love CoD so much is because of how it controls. You can actually "feel" your bullets hitting people. A lot of shooters don't have the same effect or do it as well as CoD. Feel is important in any FPS, and while you may actually feel your limbs in KZ, there are other games that give the same effect, such as Mirror's Edge. The term is called "Body Awareness" or "Full Body Awareness". Other games with this include FEAR and even Halo. What you're actually referring to, though, is just simulated weight which, again, has been done in other games.

TKCMuzzer2484d ago

Oh dear, the way it controls. People play COD because it's easy and most of the shooting is done by the game, I mean the aim assist is a joke but if your crap at a gaming it's a godsend.

Strange_Evil2484d ago

They said the same thing about God Of War 3 that it could be completed under 6 hours and it took me 10 hours to complete it!!! I also like to ENJOY my game rather than rush through it.

Here are my Killzone 2 stats...
Total Single Player Playtime: 40 Hours...
And if I add up my Best time (on Normal, haven't touched Hard yet) it comes down to around 4 hours.... But it took me 8-9 hours to finish the single player of KZ2 on the first try (the last level being a b!tch took me near an hour)

So ya I expect KZ3 to be around the same. Don't fall for this BS it comes out with every single AAA game... Few people always try to complete it as fast as they can and try to bring it down.

Reviews from PSU, Gametrailers, GameRadar put the single player at around 8-9 hours which is pretty decent.

Hell even if you don't play online, Killzone 3 provides offline skirmish mode with GREAT BOTS (trust me the AI is awesome!!!) that you can play endlessly... This time there are also 3 modes above KZ2!!! Enough Re-playability for me!!!

ShinMaster2484d ago (Edited 2484d ago )

It's the same with every major game.

There's always some sort of "proof" that a game could be beaten in a shorter amount of time than average.

Dee_912484d ago

yea it always takes longer so im guessing 6-9 hrs

duplissi2484d ago


i agree, but on the flipside if a game is not worthy by the end of it and if its especially short then it feels like a slap in the face.

kunit22c2484d ago

TBH I don't know how you could rush through a killzone game (atleast I couldn't) I just tried running and gunning (in Killzone2) and it was damn near impossible I kept getting shot down from millions of directions especially that last mission on your way to beating the final boss (I forget his name) not vecari (I know I probably butchered that spelling) but that other mechanical looking guy that could teleport or just turn invisible not sure which he was doing.

Ryudo2484d ago

Am sure you could complete it in 4 and a half hours if you halo your way though the entire game but what's the point.

I don't try to finish my games as quickly as possible I like to enjoy them. As long as they don't over stay there welcome and just feel like there being dragged out.

Biggest2484d ago

"You can actually "feel" your bullets hitting people."

You mean the bullets that hit a full second after the "hit" the first time? I always loved that about Call of Duty. "YES! I got away and am around the corner. . . Wait what? How am I dying NOW?"

Skizelli2483d ago

"Oh dear, the way it controls. People play COD because it's easy and most of the shooting is done by the game, I mean the aim assist is a joke but if your crap at a gaming it's a godsend."

You mean like most shooters have now days? It seems to hurt more than it helps in CoD, like when you're aiming at an enemy in the background and another one runs in front of you in the foreground, screwing up your shot. FYI: It can be turned off in Black Ops.

"You mean the bullets that hit a full second after the "hit" the first time? I always loved that about Call of Duty. "YES! I got away and am around the corner. . . Wait what? How am I dying NOW?""

You speak the truth. As a CoD player, there's nothing the haters can say that would offend me, 'cause I'd completely agree with you. Activision needs to stop rolling around in their money and offer dedicated servers already.

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IcarusOne2484d ago

Sounds like we have a new Quake/Unreal - graphics-pusher with MP focus.

ravinash2484d ago

Considering the profile of the writer says:
Tom Hopkins
I'm the News Editor on - I've written for Play, X360, 360 and games™...

I'll take this news with a grain of sult.

You could probably play most games in half the time if you skip cut scenes and rush through it.

lelo2play2484d ago (Edited 2484d ago )

If those 4,5 hours for single player are true... i wounder where are all these 9's and 10's from reviewers coming from?

Probably paid off... some might be shocked, but i do believe big companies pay off reviewers for a favorable review. A game that has 9+ from most reviewers sell more... it's a fact.

I still remember Splinter Cell Conviction being bashed by reviewers because the short single player, and that influenced it's sales.

duplissi2484d ago

pft... halo 3 was short, cod4 was short (and the last great cod), cod mw2 was short, moh was short.... need i go on?

FailOverHero2484d ago

Allow me to quote CG on this one.
ChristianGamer + 6h ago
AKA, you just killed your credibility by mentioning that you don't have to play it to know...I mean can fanatism be summarized any better than that? You need to calm down with the conspiracy theories now. Those that have actually played the game say it is great multiplayer-wise but the story is lacking. Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't that the complaint that most ps3 players on this site give for not liking Halo and CoD? They all claim that they'd rather have a brilliant single player campaign over a multiplayer and now that their flagship fps is lacking in story department they say things like "I couldn't care less how short the campaign is as long as the multiplayer is fun" "who cares about story? It is a multiplayer shooter and that part is fun" "story isn't that important to me. Multiplayer shines" Give me a freaking break #3 Agree(1) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply yewles1 + 6h ago
And this is what the next guy had to say:

yewles1 + 6h ago *goes over to review comment threads to see people scoffing at the idea of the story being worse than CoD* You want to talk about credibility? ROFLMFAO!!! #3.1

S_C2484d ago

Nahhhhh , The Shift Key If You Really Wanted To Know, Again I Bring The Color Pallet And Boring Gameplay Into The Mix Like I Said The Other Week In An Article And All You Can Bring Up Once Again Is The Useage Of My Shift Key...... All Ive Got To Say Is ComeBack With A Better Comeback Next Time Or At Least Mention Somthing About Killzone You Are So Beloved About.... Untill Then Go And Play Your Beta Which Youve Supposed To Of Had Sooooooo Much Time Enjoying....Yet You Are On N4G Talking About The Shift Key ....... Im Finding That Abit Strange

ravinash2484d ago

You may want to check my comments further up.

Well I have to do something to pass the time at work.

Scotland-Tha-Brave2484d ago

Stop writing like a fucking retard!

S_C2484d ago

Haaaaha Someone Is Getting Flustered, Isit Beceause I Questioned Your Love Child Killzone, Ahhh Theres A Shame, Cant Believe How Protective You Are Over A Peice Of Plastic Haha

starcb262484d ago

He never said anything about killzone. He was talking about how you write.

seinfan2484d ago

Just from the way you type, I get the feeling that you are an annoying person.

S_C2484d ago

Ok So How A Person Writes On A Gaming Website Reflexs Their Personality Now, Just Shows How Shallow And Ignorant People Are Nowadays, Ive Never Have Or Will Have Time For People Like You.

helghast1022484d ago


KeiKei2484d ago

my little brother types like this too, guess you are under 12 too

2484d ago
GrumpyVeteran2484d ago

Why the fuck do you type like that?

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HellzAssassin2484d ago

I've played both Crysis and Warhead and to say the least, multiplayer was terrible in both games. Crysis 2 has ALOT to improve for multiplayer, but I plan on picking it up solely for the campaign :D.

KZ3, I'm looking forward to both.

hazardman2484d ago

I understand that the multiplayer is fun and all, but at $60 I expected the campaign to be more than 4hrs. It is what it is..I'm still gonna buy it!

ShadowJetX2484d ago

No prob, just trade in a copy of Black ops for PS3 at gamestop and get your copy of KZ3 for free.

Vherostar2484d ago

4.5 hours?? average for an FPS.....

solidt122484d ago

Why do people want to sabotage this game so bad. I don't get it.

Snake Raiser2484d ago

Well first of all you can complete almost any game *except maybe some RPGS* in about 4.5 hours. I don't doubt that the game is too short, but you could even beat MGS4 in 4.5h if you really tried. It took me 20-30 hours every play through because I actually played it.

Jaces2484d ago

Well when you play games on normal they don't tend to last very long, especially when you run through it.

Hell, I could have beat Dead Space 2 on normal in 4.5 hours running straight through. Why wasn't that posted?!

cannon88002484d ago (Edited 2484d ago )

Anybody here remember back when metal gear solid 4 came out? That game was about 20 hours long with the cut scenes and everything, but people have beaten it in five hours by rushing, skipping the cut scenes and not exploring anything. I know for a fact that this game is probably gonna be about nine to ten hours for most people, maybe even longer. I enjoy exploring and admiring what guerrilla games have accomplished.

JsonHenry2484d ago

I imagine a lot of people will be playing this online anyway. However, I did play the first one and I enjoyed the single player much more than the mediocre multiplayer. So I am hoping the single player campaign is much longer than that since I will be playing this game solely for the single player experience.

PostApocalyptic2484d ago (Edited 2484d ago )

Uh guys...Tom "Foot in Mouth" Hopkins misinterpreted the "best time" number and forgot to include the deaths + cut scenes.

So, basically what Tom is trying to say is that theoretically if you played the game your first time you could rush thru the game in record times as long as you didn't die (no practice allowed of course) also you'd have to subtract 70 min of cut scenes. Yet, he spins this to mean that the reviewers "first time play through" didn't include deaths or retries on mobs/bosses all based on that "best time (try)" stat. Oooops!

This how propaganda works. You tell half-truths. But leave out other information.

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get2sammyb2484d ago

I suspect this is a similar scenario to Vanquish. It probably counts just PURE gameplay time. The actual experience is probably more in the realm of six-eight hours with cut-scenes, exploration and other factors figured in.

SuperMassiveGav2484d ago

True, but it's still less than half the length of Killzone 2, and doesn't have the replay value of something like Vanquish.

Snake Raiser2484d ago

Killzone 2 took my less than 8 hours, and I don't play through things quickly on purpose.