Justify your game, MGS4

Up until this moment, Metal Gear fans and news outlets alike have been eagerly anticipating Kotaku's Justify segment on MGS4. Because while the game looks to be...OK...a buzzer would (for absolute certain) flush three years of effort down the toilet (and render PS3s everywhere completely useless, shut down most electronic devices within range and boil the seas).'s not our fault.

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spammy_nooo3863d ago

I hope this isn't serious. This is in NO WAY news.

MGS4 is destined to be one of the greatest games on the ps3 when it comes out. ITS FREAKIN' METAL GEAR SOLID!!!!

ShiftyLookingCow3863d ago

don't be so serious all the time, its not news but its very funny.

I did disagree but not the second statement "MGS4 is destined to be one of the greatest games on the ps3 when it comes out. ITS FREAKIN' METAL GEAR SOLID!!!!" that I agree with

spammy_nooo3863d ago

I respect your ability to disagree fully. I also choose to disagree with you. This isn't serious OR a good joke. its pure crap that shouldn't be submitted to a news site.

ShiftyLookingCow3863d ago

can't blame you, somebody says sh!t about Mass Effect, well I will be mad

spammy_nooo3863d ago

I see why you have so many bubbles. You are a very reasonable person.

I just wish N4G had a few more people like you running around.

reaferfore203862d ago

Yeah it wasn't even funny. If it was funny it would be okay, but come on.

ShiftyLookingCow3862d ago (Edited 3862d ago )

I wish I could explain why it is so funny, here is part of the reason: the reality is pretty much the exact opposite.

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Spike473863d ago

mgs4 is doomed?

fu** you kotaku, you biased peice of crap.

strategic, immersive boss fights, compeling and interesting storyline, great features like camoulfouge that add to the greatness of the gameplay.

justify you're game?

fuc** you kotaku

ShiftyLookingCow3863d ago

cool down there, go drink some Halo game fuel. haha

hulk_bash19873862d ago

LOL come on man, just take it as it was intended. It was a joke, we all know dat dis game is gonna kill wen it comes out, and i can say dat wid a clear conscience purely based on Kojimas track record.

Spike473863d ago

mgs4 could possibly be one of the best games in 08, and they still make the fricken question"justify you're game".

that's it.

websites,magazines I dont trust and plan on attacking and burning headquarters and offices:

EGM, PSM, 1up, and KOtaku.

I'm gonna go mgs4 style on you're ass kotaku.

omansteveo3863d ago

Its about time, i was a metal gear fan until the second one came out and it was utter crap. One of my main beefs with the series is that i always felt like i was watching more than playing, dont get me wrong they did a great job giving it a real cinematic feeling but it took you away from gameplay way to much

MrSwede3862d ago

Utter crap is a little harsh isn´t it? I´d say utter crap about the Transformers game.

bluebrad19743862d ago

If the story and characters in the MGS weren't so infantile I might have liked the series. The 3rd person,fixed camera gameplay of the MGS series is also clumsy and not to my liking.

tony3863d ago

its just a game. fanboy spike47 , why u take it soo personal? get a life.

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