Crysis demo delayed to October 26th, big surprise revealed

Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli reporting:

"First, I am sorry for the bad news - the Crysis single player demo will now be available everywhere on October 26th, 2007.
We are taking some extra time to make sure you that you have an amazing experience but also we did not want to risk the release date of Crysis at this stage. To get the game into your hands by November the 16th, we had to make this call.

Now the good news - the big surprise. The SP demo will be released with our CryEngine 2 - Sandbox 2 game editor, giving the community the opportunity to get familiar with the vast amount of tools they will have at their disposal four weeks before we ship, something we have always wanted to do."

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ShiftyLookingCow3711d ago (Edited 3711d ago )

nooooo, at least I have the beta, the thing runs better than expected on my [email protected] 939 cpu and old ddr though not really playable at 10-20fps. btw it has horrible sound issues and even worse framerate on Vista.

AznSniper3711d ago

I was hoping for an announcement of their new IP :(

ShiftyLookingCow3711d ago

they have quite some work to do with Crysis, as it is bleeding edge and has a lot to live up to. So don't expect announcements about console versions anytime soon. Its possible EA will use some other developer to work on console versions with Crytek engine 2 if the PC version is successful. Crytek had made it very clear Crysis PC is more important now than anything.

jackdoe3711d ago

Crysis demo delay is actually pretty surprising but the sandbox editor being included is nice. Too bad my pc can't run it...

daftshadow3711d ago

This really sucks. I was looking forward to testing out the demo on my new super rig...

Bolts3711d ago

More time for me to upgrade my comp...when is that G90 coming?

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