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Submitted by esperanza 1834d ago | news

Battlefield 3: Singleplayer-Missions, 64-Player online, Packshots and more

Battlefield 3 will feature Singleplayer-Missions and allows up to 64 players online. But only on PC. You'll play in New York, Paris, Teheran and more cities. More through the link. (Battlefield 3, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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hellzsupernova  +   1834d ago
thats cool ive always thought the bad company maps were too big for the player limit
chak_  +   1834d ago

No seriously, they're so damn small, that only 1/2 corridors you can go through.

BC2 is all about chokepoint. If BF3 has map of BC2's size I'm off.
Game-ur  +   1834d ago
64 players in consols?
chak_  +   1834d ago
nop, 24
Pandamobile  +   1834d ago
Hahaha, it's still only 24 players on consoles?

Crazyglues  +   1834d ago
I think it's safe to say this Battlefield is going to be Awesome.... I expect them to take the Call Of Duty Crown this year, and all the sales that come with that Crown as this will be the must have title for 2011..

Can't wait.. Dice is pretty Amazing at Making this Battlefield Series.. they just keep getting better and better.. BC2 was Awesome so this is Most likely going to be Amazing..

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Spydiggity  +   1834d ago
unfortunately, this isn't going to happen.

for one thing, battlefield (not bad company) is a PC community game. console players won't get to play with 64 people so they are going to lose the epic feel of the battle fields. not to mention that battlefield isn't nearly as twitchy and, frankly, easy as COD so it just won't have the massive appeal.

with that said, i'm sure it'll do very well, but it's not going to topple COD (in sales, of course - in terms of quality, i have no doubt... COD is crap).
arjman  +   1834d ago

We don't know if the console will be limited to 24 or whatever, nothings been confirmed
Xfanboy  +   1834d ago
@1st comment. on console? of course!!
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LoneWanderer09  +   1834d ago
That's awesome
Malebaria  +   1834d ago
Paris and New York? I'm intrigued.
TheBreezyBB  +   1834d ago
Yay! 64 players is Awesome. Hope it isn't a sniper fest though!
krisq  +   1834d ago
Only 24 players on consoles? I was hoping for at least 32.
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dannybohy  +   1834d ago
Will this version have LEAN and PRONE?, I didnt buy into BF:BC2 although the demo was good, add lean and prone and im there! otherwise its still cod4 for me!
MidnytRain  +   1834d ago
It didn't add anything. Go ahead and imagine going prone, then getting blasted by a tank through a wall because you couldn't get up and move fast enough.
hassi94  +   1834d ago
Well that's the players fault, just because it can be a bad decision it doesn't mean it shouldn't be a decision at all.
dannybohy  +   1831d ago
wow! just wow!. Possibly the most mental reply ever?. Apart from the fact that it makes no sense! surely if your behind a wall that gets blasted you would be better off on yr belly that standing behind it! you would at least have half a chance!. Im guessing this is a console gamer POV as anyone on PC would know that you can react and move extremely fast from crouch,prone stand etc!. We are not limited in in reaction times and speed by our hardware and slowed down game version.
BeastModeYMOB  +   1834d ago
I love the battlefield games, but if they add move support i'm all in. I don't want to play another shooter with the DS3.
Kiffy85  +   1834d ago
Sounds good always loved the battlefield series and thought it would be great to have a online shooter in a well know city etc.

I can smell the moaning people like fox news are gonna do tho. Being able to destroy buildings in New York. Hmmmmm.
Solo227  +   1834d ago
@ Chak

Battlefield Maps are small? What are you smoking? Please name the map that has a choke point. A choke point is when a map only has 2 or 3 different ways to get from one side or the other. BC2 you NEVER have that problem. What you do have is noobs always taking the easiest/fastest route to an objective repeatedly getting plucked off.

You definitely dont know what your talking bout..
DeadlyFire  +   1834d ago
BC2 has small maps. If it was BF2 the maps would be larger. Maps are only condensed due to consoles and player limit. A 64 player map vs. a 24 player map = a very different scale. Battlefield is the only game I have known of that actually changes the scale with the player limit and I like its methods. BC2's maps are very small compared to a 64 player map on any BF2 or BF2142 game server.

I do believe some maps are a little small on BC2, but maybe that's just my perspective as I am used to BF2's 64 player sized maps being optional for lower player count servers as well. In BC2 it seems alot like a two way highway. In BF2 some points have 360 degrees of action all around you. In BC2 its either in front of you or behind you. Clearly a difference in scale.
chak_  +   1834d ago
You definitely didn't play BF42/2/42 to say BC2 maps are big.

And yeah, I stand still, BC2 maps are besically 2 corridors. On rush indeed, conquest is a little more open, but still not that big.
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Solo227  +   1834d ago
What the hell are you guys comparing them too?? Nobody cares about BF2 or whats being done on computers... BC2 the action is always 360. Dont see how that makes much sense when all of the maps are either huge squares or huge rectangles... And you can choose ANY path you want to an objective

When you compare BC2 maps to its main competetion the maps are huge... There are still portions of BC2 maps that ppl NEVER use...

Clearly you like BF2 better but your all wrong about your description of BC2 maps...

Killzone was bigger maps than COD.

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