Battlefield 3: Singleplayer-Missions, 64-Player online, Packshots and more

Battlefield 3 will feature Singleplayer-Missions and allows up to 64 players online. But only on PC. You'll play in New York, Paris, Teheran and more cities. More through the link.

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hellzsupernova2663d ago

thats cool ive always thought the bad company maps were too big for the player limit

chak_2663d ago


No seriously, they're so damn small, that only 1/2 corridors you can go through.

BC2 is all about chokepoint. If BF3 has map of BC2's size I'm off.

Game-ur2662d ago

64 players in consols?

Pandamobile2662d ago

Hahaha, it's still only 24 players on consoles?


Crazyglues2663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

I think it's safe to say this Battlefield is going to be Awesome.... I expect them to take the Call Of Duty Crown this year, and all the sales that come with that Crown as this will be the must have title for 2011..

Can't wait.. Dice is pretty Amazing at Making this Battlefield Series.. they just keep getting better and better.. BC2 was Awesome so this is Most likely going to be Amazing..


Spydiggity2663d ago

unfortunately, this isn't going to happen.

for one thing, battlefield (not bad company) is a PC community game. console players won't get to play with 64 people so they are going to lose the epic feel of the battle fields. not to mention that battlefield isn't nearly as twitchy and, frankly, easy as COD so it just won't have the massive appeal.

with that said, i'm sure it'll do very well, but it's not going to topple COD (in sales, of course - in terms of quality, i have no doubt... COD is crap).

arjman2663d ago


We don't know if the console will be limited to 24 or whatever, nothings been confirmed

Xfanboy2663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

@1st comment. on console? of course!!

Malebaria2663d ago

Paris and New York? I'm intrigued.

TheBreezyBB2663d ago

Yay! 64 players is Awesome. Hope it isn't a sniper fest though!

krisq2663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

Only 24 players on consoles? I was hoping for at least 32.

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The story is too old to be commented.