Controller Shell Can Make The Worst Player Win!

We happen to like our existing Xbox 360 controller, squeaky triggers and all, and though we're eagerly awaiting an improved D-pad it hadn't really occurred to us that some might prefer an overhaul. N-Control, however, has done just that with this insane lever-filled shell, which wraps around the gamepad to provide simultaneous control over a host of inputs at once. The idea is that you'll never need to take your thumbs off the analog sticks to swap weapons or reload, because you'll just flick one of those weighted levers instead.

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slyrunner2599d ago (Edited 2599d ago )

Honestly, i wouldn't want that , simply because the controller itself looks like a maze. Its not a simple device, yet i love the science behind it, yet its confusing as well.

ilikestuff2599d ago

i wouldnt want it even if it looked super badass awesome i wanna play on the same level with everyone else, win or lose. thats for cheating little nerdy virgin kids (look at the little dickbags in the video)and people with disabilities but they get a pass cause theyre messed up and what not

fullmetal2972599d ago

Heres a better alternative. A keyboard and mouse =P

young juice2599d ago

the shell is not dealing with accuracy. watch the vid

its basically putting the button much closer to your fingers. so all you have to do is slightly move in order to press the button.

its very creative if you think about it.

fullmetal2972599d ago (Edited 2599d ago )

All the buttons you need are on the keyboard. I can melee, reload or do whatever without letting go of my mouse (right analog stick) and compromising my aiming. This shell is a cheaper alternative IMO since those M&K adapters are 70 bucks.

INehalemEXI2599d ago (Edited 2599d ago )

Amazing. Hair trigger for real.

ChronoJoe2599d ago

It's not going to make you the best player on earth, sorry.

Most of what's considered 'skill' comes from accuracy, which it doesn't aid in. Singleshot weapons, fired faster... aren't liable to be better than fully automatics without a proper, mod.


INehalemEXI2599d ago (Edited 2599d ago )

It's genius is in enabling those with certain disability , to still play well.

ChronoJoe2597d ago

Sure. That's great.

Perhaps they should have advertised it with that? the advert was like 'omg this is almost better than my modded controller, if I use my modded controller, I will be god!' type shit.

Relientk772599d ago

It definitely looks interesting and kinda cool I'll give you that.

I would try it if a friend had one, or saw it at a store. I would not immediately buy it

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