Killzone 3 Beta Impressions | Mad Overdose writes: While I never had played the first Killzone, I really, really enjoyed the hell out of Killzone 2. I found the campaign of good length with good action and a decent story. My favorite part was how the game played in comparison to other FPS games. Not to mention it’s art style also had me hooked; space Nazis or whatever the hell you want to call them, the Helghast are cool. Killzone 3 is being released with only about half of the development time that the second game had, so what’s changed, multiplayer wise?

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Dart892847d ago

Love it...even though it's a beta it's way btr than blk ops.

Has anyone encountered lag yet????

ThatEnglishDude2847d ago

I've not heard of any lag issues as of yet.

SeNiLesBack2846d ago

HUGE lag problems, LOL jk

hakis862846d ago

Nope no lag =) It's great! I've even played it with MOVE, it's really cool.
And the 3D rocks!

only issues are some network-errors from time to time.. too much traffic?

SasanovaS19872846d ago

i might add, to the comment i said below, but today, i was cooking a granade, and the guy came behind me to slice my neck, only to find my dead body drop ALONG with the bomb i was holding...oh it was priceless

nnotdead2846d ago

i encountered a little lag in one match. then there was one guy who seemed to be lagging a lot in one match. not sure if he had a bad connection or cheating. other than that its been fine for me.

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AKA2847d ago (Edited 2847d ago )

Killzone 2 start having lag after over a year but it was smooth for a long time,
it did have a death delay that make you think that the guy was still alive (but he was already death), noting bad but sometimes make you die becuase you had to keep shoothing at him and others had a chance to kill you.

But the 24 players max. fix the problem in KZ3

Nathaniel_Drake2847d ago (Edited 2847d ago )

I am having a problem sometimes before entering a match it says connecting and sits there for a long time

Also when I am shooting with the 1st rifle of the marksman it is not quite accurate, I mean I get the reticle on the head and shoot and I never hit them

-Alpha2846d ago

That's a server load issue. Don't worry about it as it is common atm.

Just sign out and in again

"Also when I am shooting with the 1st rifle of the marksman it is not quite accurate, I mean I get the reticle on the head and shoot and I never hit them"

You are probably not doing it right. This gun takes some good, well placed shots and requires more patience to use.

TheGreat_12846d ago

lol @ alpha

Not doing it right? I'd hope anyone playing a FPS knows how to aim whether it be ACOG sights, iron sights, etc.

I also have this issue from time to time with any gun, it seems like the bullets don't register sometimes and sometimes they're sporadic as in the you aim the first shot, pop one off and instead of going straight it goes off to the side like recoil but happens when you pop off one shot.

It's not frequent and hasn't been enough to warrant a complaint from me, but it does make me slightly disappointed to line up a shot on someone camping and the first few shots don't register.

I am enjoying it more than KZ2.

nnotdead2846d ago

i have noticed this as well TheGreat. though it hasn't been constant enough to warrant a complaint yet from me.

DarkFantasy2846d ago

"You are probably not doing it right. This gun takes some good, well placed shots and requires more patience to use. " i always had respect for you but come on thats a load of bull shit LOOOL... killzone is kind of wacky some thing feels off about it im dissapointed in killzone 3 really not as good as the hype it feels like i need to put in a whole clip or more to kill some one from med to long rang even if my reticle is dead on even when i burst... i feel like im stuck with bfbc2 for now,

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Blacktric2846d ago

No lag issues at all. Also, graphical and weapon balance improvements are amazing. I must admit, closed beta's graphics were nice but not mindblowing. But open beta looks amazing.

willie322846d ago

I just wish they chose another map for the open beta.

MagicAccent2846d ago

No lag here either :)

The only thing that I don't care for in KZ3 is for the moment only cosmetic: the Helghast medic... Come on. That the most awful looking thing I've ever seen :P

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CaptainKratos2846d ago

its awesome. just getting bored of the map already.

GamerSciz2846d ago

I am curious to check out his preview but the site seems to be broken.

Regardless I myself love the KZ3 beta but have the same issue with taking a long time on the briefing screen.

LUCIEN2846d ago

Everything is awesome. But... the freaking one hit melee BS is starting to get aggravating. I want to play Killzone not AvP.

MoreRPG2846d ago

yep the melee can get anoying

SasanovaS19872846d ago

no way dude, today i played for a lil bit, there was 3 guys posted up on a choke point, i went in the building and came out, around them, and here i am blowing the first 2 with a shot gun before the third guy turns around, only to find me infront of him as i break his neck...3 kills in a mear 4 second span, you have no idea how accomplishing and satisfying that felt...not to mention the dead bodies laying there with blood alllll over the was too sick

MoreRPG2846d ago

im not saying its not great the melle kills are awesome
but i know there will be people running around the map just to kill other players with melee

GamerSciz2846d ago

I don't know I like the aspect of how to do the melee it takes a couple of seconds in which you are vulnerable. It's quite fun to see someone being meleed but it's even more fun to see your teammate in the middle of a melee in which you shoot the enemy and save your teammate. That aspect is really cool, I think.

LUCIEN2846d ago (Edited 2846d ago )

It is cool no doubt. but imo it should have been left in SP. At first it wasn’t an issue but the more I play the more often it happens. Lots of people just bum rushing into enemies now. and conga lines

GamerSciz2846d ago (Edited 2846d ago )

@LUCIEN Do you think it would be better if perhaps when you enter the melee you would then enter a one-button quick-time-event where you press either X,O,square, or triangle? And say if you press the wrong button you don't do the melee but instead just get pushed back (out of close melee range) and you can be shot or shoot again yourself.

Just an idea I just came up with but a lot of people don't like anything to do with QTE. The melee is better then KZ2 though.

BTW Fear Melee ruined the MP for me. KZ3 doesn't have this kind of lunge...

LUCIEN2846d ago (Edited 2846d ago )

Melee was never an issue in KZ2. It was a last resort and it worked if you had skill. It would be better if it only worked from behind or something. KZ has always been about firefights. Now you can run up to people hit melee and boom dead. Its now a valuable weapon. I mean its something that wont break the game. Its still amzazing. its just something personally I could do without.

TheGreat_12846d ago

I loved the brutal melee at first but yeah, it over stays it's welcome quickly. Especially since there seems to be a CODesque lunge with it sometimes.

And I wish I was recording this, but an ally and myself vs 2 enemies all brutal melee'd at the same time apparently and we all got stuck in the 3rd person view but none of us died, we all got stuck until grenade spam wiped us all out.

It's was kind of funny and a big WTF moment.

TKCMuzzer2846d ago

People will only run around trying to melee for a while but this will wear down as more and more people become vulnerable to c4 etc.
Personally 1 hit melee is the way it should be. I'm sick of knife swinging in other games.

SoapShoes2846d ago

Most FPS games have one-hit melees anyway. This just does it more stylistically. I've tried bum rushing but it doesn't work that well. Usually I get shot so I stopped trying just melee. It works best if you sneak up to someone.

UnwanteDreamz2846d ago

Yep and I think it is more ballanced then a COD melee or a BFBC2 one. By that I mean it you are vunerable for a second while you preform it. In COD and BFBC2 you can knife and then fire your weapon pretty quickly.

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MoreRPG2846d ago

great big improvement over killzone 2 multiplayer
the only bad thing about the beta is that you only play on one map

ShadowJetX2846d ago

Its pretty much the same when the Bad Compay 2 multiplayer demo came out, with the whole only 1 map thing, but it didn't stop me from playing the crap out of it.

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