Watch out Wii, Sony outlines "astounding" PS3 rescue plan

Sony has outlined a plan to rescue the PlayStation 3 (PS3) from oblivion. Disappointingly, the plan has already received a thumbs down from a leading Japanese games expert.

Contrary to wide speculation, the plan does not include a price cut. Instead, Sony wants to work on relationships with third-party game publishers to improve the range of games available for the PS3.

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Lightning Mr Bubbles3740d ago

The plan gets a thumbs down from me also. Sure of course they need all the third party support, but the PS3 needs to be saved this year, not in 3 years.

nasim3740d ago

can u stop trolling ps3 boards.

ps3 is already murdering x360 in EU and JAPAN

It is just a matter of time before it deals a knowckout blow at competition

CaptainMeatwad3740d ago

lol @ people calling lightning a troll

gunnerforlife3740d ago

his the last person u should be calling a troll.

Proxy3740d ago (Edited 3740d ago )

Contract a game now, publish it in 3 year when it's done. As Lightning said, they need something now.

The two go hand in hand, if PS3 had sold 300 million consols Sony would say "Hey, do you think you might maybe wanna make a game for our consols, if you have the time and it's not to much troble?" and developers would be all over it. As it is they have to use much more persuasive means to secure the developers, because the devs want assurance that their work will go to a sizable audience. Now the PS3's audience isn't small, but (I'm a PS3 fan, so it hurt to say, but it's true) the 360 has a much larger audience. LOL, then their's the Wii....

Also, Lightning is pro-ps3 in every post of his. He just uses a little to much common sense and logic for some though.

3740d ago
SonySoldiers3740d ago

Yeah.. WATCHOUT!!! It's retaliation time for the amazing SONY!

only Sony makes it possible!!...

The Snake3740d ago

The irony of nasim calling out anyone as a troll is nothing short of mindblowing.

duarteq3739d ago (Edited 3739d ago )

The PS3 for what it have is a cheap console. I bought in the first day in europe and paid 600 Euros. It was a fair price.
I remember when i paid 468 Euros for PS2 in the first day in europe and the same comments were around. I don't Care. The PS3 is doing fine and the good games are start to walking around so Sony don't need a price cut, what it need is good games. did u see what happened in japan with FFVII for PSP ? some games will do even better for PS3, just give it a few months, and believe me, i don't care to wait. I know in the end PS3 will win what we call the Console Wars. Even the Wii fever is starting to get down in Japan ( I own one )

caffman3739d ago

Nasim calling someone a troll is bad. Calling Lightning one is just genius!

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ATLRoAcH3740d ago

I still expect a price cut this holiday and next to price third-party game relations is important.Whens the last time you saw a multi-platform title have a commercial that didn't end with the 360 logo.Sony wants to keep things like Madden 08 from happening.

QuackPot3739d ago

And once Sony gets more 3rd party developers on board, then great games will follow.

Prediction: major price drop this Christmas.

Naruto3740d ago (Edited 3740d ago )

Quit trolling evry PS3 article

DO you really Think they don't know that already

How do you they won't announce one THIS HOLIDAY?

fenderputty3740d ago

He's a PS3 fan. He's just level headed enough to realize that a price drop is needed. I don't think it's as severe as he seems to think but, a price drop is the most important aspect of PS3 sales. With a price drop comes sales and, with sales comes 3rd party support.

dale13740d ago

don,t worry sony has 3 platforms not one they said this year was the psp and ps3 would be next year, of course the ps2 is still selling boat loads worldwide its not all about the U.S
theres other countrys buying into the playstation brand in a big way
i reckon price drop before christmas now the 65n chips are being produced depending on sales

ReBurn3740d ago

I don't know that I can get on board with this being the year of the PSP. They redesigned the hardware, but the handheld that could is still missing great games. There are a lot of good games for the PSP, but not many great ones. I wish Sony would take PSP software more seriously.

And I think that 3 platforms is one of the things that holds the PS3 back. Why would someone buy one when it appears that so far this year most of the great releases have been on the PS2? I know that it is just the result of PS2 games that were already in development reaching completion, but I think that the PS3 is going to continue to struggle as long as Sony is competing with itself.

MikeGdaGod3740d ago

"In an astounding move, Hirai also said that Sony will start marketing the PS3 as a games console, rather than as a super computer/home entertainment device. Apparently he's realized that gamers above everything want a games console first and foremost.

This is obviously something that Sony has painfully learnt from Nintendo, which from day one has marketed its popular Wii games console, as a games console."

what else can the Wii do? not tryin to flame but really, what else can you do? it can't even play dvds and has no HDD.

Chris_GTR13740d ago

LOL. comparing it to wii. LOL wii completely lost the gaming audience. (as if it didnt loose them with the gamecube already) now its more of a kids toy rather than a video game console. not to mention its recent change to a exerzise device with its wii floor pad thing.

Snipes203740d ago

As far as playing discs is concerned, the Wii can only play game discs at the moment. What I am trying to figure out is how hackers have modded the Wii so it could read regular dvd's. They didn't add any hardware, they only rewrote some of the Wii's code onto a cd, loaded it into the Wii and overwrote the Wii's original code so it could play dvd's. If modders could do it, why couldn't Nintendo just send an update for it?

I thought the sarcasm in this article was pretty good, but I don't think the PS3 is down and out even if they don't cut the price.

RickXTN3739d ago

The article makes a great point when it said that. I know as a gamer since the days of the Atari 2600 that it's about gaming first and foremost. Don't get me wrong, having extras in a console is nice but not at the expense of gaming. The PS3 just HAD to have that Bluray which drove the price to a ridiculous level and pretty much took themselves out of the game. The Wii is focused on the games and making gaming FUN above just looking good and look what happened. The 360 manages to have the best balance of added features without losing much on games. Sony shot themselves in BOTH feet on the PS3.