Tomb Raider Wii exclusive - the flashlight

Eidos has released a brand new Tomb Raider Anniversary Wii trailer to show off the Wii exclusive erm, flash light.

CVG is hearing positive things about the Wii version of Anniversary. Apparently aiming is much improved with Wii Remote (as you'd expect) and the new motion puzzles add a bit of variety, even if it does look almost exactly like the PS2 version.

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powerslide3865d ago

nooooo!! Now i have to sell my ps2 and T.R.A. and get a wii. The flashlight is so badass lol

I feel sorry for the people that bought a wii because they are only getting ps2 ports

Radiomorph3865d ago

Your a fool if you really think that's the case.

powerslide3865d ago

All non-nintendo wii games are on the ps2 aswell (eccept a few).
If sony releases a wii like controllere for the ps2 then the wii is f****d.

ItsDubC3865d ago

Assuming every PS2-owner bought that Wii-like controller then yes, the Wii might have something to worry about. Outside of Guitar Hero, games that require peripherals don't do too well because consumers don't like to spend extra money on a peripheral that is only usable w/ a few titles.

The advantage that the Wii has over a PS2 w/ motion controls is that every Wii owner is guaranteed to have the motion controller, so devs know that their games that utilize motion controls are accessible to everyone who owns a Wii.

tikku3865d ago

What a scam the Wii is. A Gamecube and a Wii Mote.

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DiggerMario23865d ago (Edited 3865d ago )

"What a scam the Wii is. A Gamecube and a Wii Mote."

Do everyone a favor and quit flaming.