Halo 3: Gameplanet Hands-On

Gameplanet was treated to an early hands on look at the new addition to the Halo series this week, sporting all kinds of new features and options tailored to the varied types of Halo gamers; it really is a game with something for everyone.

The campaign picks up right where Halo 2 left off, and moves along at a snappy enjoyable pace though its beautiful environments.

The AI as well is an impressive leap: sometimes you really do struggle to pin down those covenant troops who are using all of the new toys just as well as you are. The campaign itself is truly hard to pull yourself away from, so plan some days off work... you will need them.

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ThisIsWaiting3928d ago

This is going to rock next week.

LoydX-mas3928d ago

I thought I could just calmly wait till mid-week to go pick up Halo 3 next week, but I may need to actually go get in line with the more vids and reviews popping up recently.

batman2million3928d ago

sigh..i just want the review..

leon763928d ago (Edited 3928d ago )

I'm starting to think if this site is "News for Gamers" or "Publicity for halo3".....