The Wii Lightsaber Game: Gaming Target's Hopes and Dreams

The staff of Gaming Target details their dream of the ultimate Wii Lghtsaber game and what they hope the "Duel Mode" of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed will look like when it releases next year.

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SwiderMan3862d ago

...It's a lightsaber game. This'll sell.

Nth RooCH3862d ago

You are right on the money. I was going to say this exact same thing. The Wii was practically made for this game.

Basch3862d ago

John Scalzo disapproves of the use of the nunchuck for lightsaber duels, yet wants players to use the Z trigger – which is on the NUNCHUCK – to turn the lightsaber on and off. I don't think he's thought this through.

cooke153862d ago

I really hope its good :(