NBA 2K12: How 2K Sports can Enhance The Series

Richard Bailey of The writes:

October 5, 2010 marked the imminent release of one of the most influential basketball titles of this generation. With Michael Jordan gracing the cover, NBA 2k11 proved to be an unstoppable force at retail.

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DaThreats2606d ago

Have Charles Barkely, and better post control, I just want to do a two step runnng hook animation with Dwight Howard, but it keeps giving me an animation of jumping into the defender.

sp1deynut2606d ago

...turbull. What a turbull idea. ;)

pain777pas2606d ago

You have to use the icons. Been playing it lately. You're right it has no clue where I want the ball to go. Ridiculous.

cb4g2606d ago

Love the game but stop letting guys like Charles Oakley making heavily contested 20-foot fadeaways.

Dellis2606d ago

They can't go further then Having MJ on the cover

it's over 2k

AccountClosed570292606d ago

Maybe they should bring back the College Hoops series.

rbailey2606d ago

Yes... I'm glad somebody said it.. That College Hoops series was flawed but absolutely great. They need to bring that back especially now that EA no longer has exclusive rights to it...

STiRacer2606d ago

maybe they can now fix the broken ass online play and finally get it to work properly

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