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From the review:

"Clocking in at about 7-8 hours on Normal mode for a person that is proficient at first person shooters, there is never a moment that you wish you can simply skip. Every second you will be on the edge of your seat, wondering what the next room will bring, or how will the story pan out. I can only speak for myself in this regard, and no one else. I was more then happy when I finished the single player campaign, both gameplay and story wise. Without a doubt in my mind, this game is a day one purchase for anyone that enjoys video gaming, and with its robust multiplayer that I have yet to touch, will be one of the games in the upper echelon of Xbox 360 titles."

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lonestarmt3982d ago

Well we can't trust this, its a reader review. Might be a little biased. lol. I don't ign will say any different though. There all clones.

DreamTension3982d ago

True, but it's a point of view and has some good info.

dantesparda3981d ago (Edited 3981d ago )

oops, wrong spot

beavis4play3982d ago

if this is to be believed, then the game is as long a play as heavenly sword and uncharted. lots of 360 fans have said that if a game isn't 10 or more hours-then it's a rental at best. i'll bet they'll still buy halo 3.
and there is nothing wrong with that. only brought it up because halo 3 will show the ms fanatics that a single player campaign can be less than 10 hours and still be good.

toughNAME3981d ago

10 hours campaign

1000+ doing everything else --- that HS and Unchartered dont have

good try...idiot

xplosneer3981d ago

You guys would know because you are the industry insiders right?(Talking about Uncharted)

BTW I think, out of what I have seen, videos, beta reveiws, etc, I rate this game a great 8.8 out of 10. NOT TALKING RETAIL VERSION. That would probably be a 9.3

Snukadaman3981d ago

halo 3 has multiplayer gaming....both HS and uncharted do not. But then again you knew that.

mesh13981d ago

Good try noob its 10hrs on normal mode and most likely 15+hrs plz on heroic and legendary difficulty aand lets not forgot halo multi player online? ok hs 6-7 hrs with 0 replaybilty and no multi p;ayer ?uncharted 9hrs with no multi player ? and the ffact is that halo 3 multi players looks better than must multi player games witha single player options just check crysis multi player gameplay and u laugh

PS360PCROCKS3981d ago

Ok first off their is no way anyone is going to play through this game in 7-8 hours on heroic or legendary (what most of us will play) and even if you could VERY few are good enough at it to be able where is the fun running through a game and not stopping to enjoy the scenery and everything else...secondly, MS fans never said a game has to be 10 hours, PS3 fans did. When Gears Of War came out people knocked the 10 hour campaign and said DVD sucks and that's why it's so short. So when HS turned out to be so short on a disc roughly 5 times in size they threw it back in your face.

Captain Tuttle3981d ago (Edited 3981d ago )

You nailed it...good post man. And like everyone said, there's always Multiplayer which is this franchise's strength.

Have a bubble.

bluebrad19743981d ago

Add 1000 hours to Halo 3, it has multi-player.

Nice try braintrust.

Jinxstar3981d ago

Did someone really say uncharted was gonna be only like 10 hours of gameplay? Just curious cause if so that will kinda dissapoint me. I like short games. Gameinformers whole story on how ICO was great beacause it was so short is good... I however would like a game that I can't beat in 1 sitting.... Seems many games are going this way. I hope Halo has more then 8 hours like this suggests as well. The other review looked more on par where he suggested about 12 hours...

dantesparda3981d ago (Edited 3981d ago )

Oh boy, here we go again, a fanboy pile on. What did he strike a nerve with you people? He actually made a good point and of course all of you fanboys missed it. And I can understand the argument that with Halo's online mode, that can add hours to that 7 or 8 hours the reviewing kid was talking about. But that wasnt his point, his point was that you's were all talking sh!t about Heavenly Sowrd being too short and here is Halo sounding like its just as long. That's the point! And quite personally i do not buy games for their online function, but rather their single player modes. While i can have fun playing online, i fail to see what the real difference between most online games is. They're all really the same to me, fast paced, 3-4 shots and you're dead or you kill them games and repeat. To me, if you've played one online FPS, then yo've played them all. I dont find playing Halo 2 online any funner than playing COD4, COD3, COD2, PDZ, GRAW1 or GRAW2, etc, its all the same to me.

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Dmack793982d ago

Nether is halo3. nuff said!

Douchebaggery3982d ago

dude that comment is ridiculous in so many level

thanks for the laugh though

socomnick3981d ago

well heavenly sword is 6 hours long with no multiplayer.
Halo 3 is maybe 12 hours long with endless hours of multiplayer goodness.

_insane_cobra3981d ago

You're right, Halo 3 is not a killer app for PS3.

Although, when I come to think about it, Halo 3 just might kill it.

lawman11083981d ago

instead of a bad ass Marine in armor blowing aliens away go ahead madem.

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DreamTension3982d ago

4-Player Co-op, Forge, Saved films, and the most extensive Multiplayer in any console FPS.

Thats what makes it a killer app.

lonestarmt3982d ago (Edited 3981d ago )

I would argue its almost the same as fall of man on the ps3. There you can actually get ranks and totally customize your character through that. Also halo online is not good. You dont' really have a clan system, and you dont' have a friends list, you can't host your own servers. Grant it warhawk isn't a FPS but it kills halo's multiplayer by far, at least when the ranking system works, lol.

Honestly though so i guess stranglhold is a killer app because it's good and it has multiplayer. I think its dumb not say halo is a killer app, just look at the hype, but don't be shocked when those who bashed heavenly sword show you guys for the double standard.

Scrooge3981d ago (Edited 3981d ago )

Why is everyone comparing Heavenly Sword to Halo3? That's just dumb. Also, Warhawk may be a good game, but we'll see how long people are playing it compared to Halo3 multiplayer. Halo2 Multiplayer withstood the test of time.

Edit: 3 disagrees so far? You don't think Halo2 MP has withstood the test of time after 3 years? I even said warhawk is a good game. Would you be happier if I smashed my 360 against the wall?

Gamer133982d ago

RFOM can,t come near Halo 3, just the hALO 3 multiplayer alone beats RFOM.

lonestarmt3981d ago

geez how do you know? halo 3 isn't even out yet? fall of man was better than halo 2 online, and guess what this game has the same online play as that. The only thing thats really cool, is that you can record cool things that happen online. I wish all games could do that.

ceedubya93981d ago

Halo 2 beats RFOM online. And that's a last gen game.

IQUITN4G3981d ago

You sure are funny with your Resistance being better than Halo2 multiplayer comment.

Most definitely it is not

wallace10003980d ago

That is no point in trying to compare Halo 3 to RFOM, Halo 3 will be ridiculously sweet. Comparing the two would be like comparing the final fantasy series and Oblivion, you could but what is the point. The 360 just has the better games.

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