GamePro: The 5 best games at the Tokyo Game Show

GamePro names and profiles the five best games at TGS 2007:

Well, duh. Halo 3 made quite an impression on the mostly Japanese TGS crowd, something that surprised us quite a bit considering that Halo is a firmly Americanized game. Be it the hype, the advertising campaign, or simply word of mouth, we were impressed to see a crowd of over 200 watching a team CTF battle comprised of mostly mediocre players. There is clearly something about Halo 3 that galvanizes Japanese gamers. Will this be the game to sell the Xbox 360 in Japan? Actually, and surprisingly, we're thinking that the answer may be "yes."

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Lightning Mr Bubbles3655d ago

Soul Caliur IV bigger than Final Fantasy XIII? Another in your dreams. Crappy list

BADBOYEK43655d ago (Edited 3655d ago )

Lightning You are a DUMB SONY FANBOY,You are a VIRUS,a SEXUALY TRANSMITTED DISEASE and The Scumm of N4G.To get mad because the people in JAPAN were Enjoying HALO 3 is very childish grow up.

Azures3655d ago

well since XIII wasn't playable their is no way it could win.

wait till next year.

SonySoldiers3655d ago (Edited 3655d ago )

LIGHTNING.. why were you so insecure about this news? Just show your confidence. Even without so many games, you will get some someday!

Be patient girl, Hirai san has told you many times that more games are coming next year!

Year 08 will be ours!

mesh13655d ago

u are sad jut accept that the 360 is a better console and moce on with ur life plz

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paracardium3655d ago

Rofl make sure you go buy all the Halo 3 toilet paper and Kraft dinner.Halo is all hype and 8 hr long game nothing special about it from what I've seen.Marketing is a little over board to lol.

iceice1233655d ago

Nothing special, just like HS, warhawk and lair are nothing. Oh love those games don't you? Cry more, Halo rules the console gen and you can't take part in it. Boohoo go cry on your blog.

Marona3655d ago

But TGS'07 hasn't even ended yet....

Darkiewonder3655d ago

OKAY choice. Just need an JRPG stuck in there somewhere.

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The story is too old to be commented.