PSP weekly sales in UK increased by 400% with the launch of PSP LITE

17,000 units sold in first week of retail

Sony has hailed the launch of PSP Slim & Lite as a success after the relaunched console notched up a four-fold increase in portable hardware sales.

The revamped system launched across retail on September 14th. And ahead of the release of a range of lifestyle software under the Go! brand, Sony is confident that the new model can really make the multimedia handheld space its own.

"We are very happy with the launch of Slim and Lite," a Sony spokesperson told MCV. "The first week sales have come in at 17,000, so around a four-fold increase on the previous week.

"We expected sales in previous weeks to be low as we moved old stock through the channel.

But now we are back on track and preparing for new products such as Go! Explore and Go! Messenger which illustrate the PSP's unique offering. Retail has been very supportive. The introduction of PSP Slim & Lite – and the moving through of stock of the previous PSP – has been a very smooth transition."

PSP suffered its worst ever sales period in the week before Slim &?Lite's launch – which Sony said was a direct result of retailers 'thinning' stock levels in preparation of receiving the new console.

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nasim3830d ago (Edited 3830d ago )

just to let you know that PSP is on a record breaking spree. It has sold 130 000 units on the first day of its launch today in JAPAN.

I will be uploading my video review where you would see me playing PSP on a 72" TV at 480 p with crystal clear picture quality

DS finieshed ...wii next

x360---irrelevant and already overtaken in EU and JAPAN

@the person below.

Do play the PSP games on your HD TV ..nothing comes close to experience like that

@ BOT below

DS was beating the PSP would be killing it

PSP has sold 26 million units. It would reach 100 m in 3/4 years

Mario183829d ago

Rofl nice name, I totally agree, Nasim = idiot

xaphanze3830d ago

DS LITE killer? Could be.

I might be getting this one and put it next to my old psp.

Blkdraft3830d ago

17thousand is not considered a success in one week, who ever posted this needs to stop with the hype. Your making yourself look like an idiot(NASIM)....

MrSwede3829d ago

I have nothing to compare it with but 17 000 in one week in UK right? If it´s only in UK it can´t be that bad. Worldwide it was 130 000 on the first day.

crck3830d ago

Sounds stupid. Should of just kept it at PSP slim.

jackdoe3829d ago

That is the presses name for it. The official name is PSP2k.

crck3829d ago

The article has a Sony spokesman calling it Slim and Light. Maybe the official European name?

paul_war3829d ago

I got one & its great. Smaller, lighter, faster, better looking, better controls, I can watch UMD's & play games on TV's.

I've just counted & I have a total of 26 PSP games & there are a lot more I want!

This is mainly directed towards bladestar who thinks no-one buys psp games or umd's & just uses it for Nintendo emulation.

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