Blue Dragon Casts Shadow on DS

According to Jump magazine, Mistwalker's recent Xbox 360 title Blue Dragon will soon be hitting the handheld scene on the DS. This will be Mistwalker's second DS title in the production. Currently, Mistwalker is working on ASH for the DS.

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PS360WII3831d ago

wow how cool would this be. I know most of you didn't like Blue Dragon but I still feel it's a winner. On the 3rd disk for me ^^

It does seem that MS's handheld is called DS though huh? This would be there 3th? Viva P, Diddy Kong Racing, Blue Dragon..

WilliamRLBaker3831d ago

yeah its amazingly smart to do this, instead or releaseing your own system piggyback and release games and let the companies you have working on games for you put games out on the DS.

Omegasyde3831d ago

Yea I agree wtf is up With Microsoft and Nintendo all of a sudden holding hands together?

This is War gentlemen, the enemy's is not suppose to sleep in the same bed as you.

omansteveo3831d ago

Sweet i hope it come out here in the States im still bitter about Xenosaga DS never making it here

kamisama3831d ago

i did not like blue dragon the demo crashed my 360 lolz but other than that it was an ok game i ended up renting it

ParaDise_LosT3831d ago (Edited 3831d ago )

See told you guys...
MS will support the Wii60 because the DS and the Wii
is their bridge to the Japanese Market...

the DS instal base in Japan = HUUUUUUGEEEEE
and if Mistwaker re-releases its games on the DS
its popularity gets better...

and guess where those Sequels go to?...
you guessed it....Xbox 360...

Its too bad Ms doesn't get any love from Nintendo though :P
but MS clearly wants to be 'Friends' with nintendo...

This is a pretty undearhanded move by MS(thats new :O LAWL)
but its very very smart market wise...

(notice they are releasing Viva piniata (published by MS and made by Rare a 1st party studio for MS)on the DS too....perhaps to
build the audience of Casual gamers....)


Thats really not my point....
Rare = 1st party studio for with an EXCLUSIVE DEAL with MS

For them to be releasing a game on DS means they had permission from MS them selves....

I guess Mistwaker(althought its not a 1st party studio...we all know where Sakaguchis loyalties belong to )is in the same situation with Blue Dragon...they are trying to expand their audience by using the DS
as a bridge(for Japan)
and it all benefits MS because Blue Dragons Sequel are going to be in Xbox 360.....

No...they're promoting Wii60(nintendoand MS)
not Ps360 (sony/MS):p
Xboxs main competitor is Ps3 :o
your comment is just plain stupid lol

jackdoe3831d ago

Don't really think MS is publishing this on the DS.

Omegasyde3831d ago

Funny the way sales are going up for the Psp, Do you think Microsoft will allow halo/Fable (1?) on the psp?

Hmm my enemies' enemy is my friend....aproach nice, It seems Sony is doing the same against Microsoft outside of consoles as well though.
(I.e. Macintosh, IBM, and linux)

djt233830d ago

sweet i would get it for my ds