Sony Ships 6.3m PS3s, 3.6m PSPs, 2.1m PS2s in Oct-Dec 2010

VGC: "Sony's data for the quarter ending December 2010 has arrived. During the quarter ending December 2010, Sony generated 2.206t Yen in revenue, or $27.238b at current exchange rates. That figure is down slightly from 2.237t Yen in the December 2009 quarter (nearly $1.0b). Profit for the quarter reached 72.3b Yen, or $893m. Like revenue, that figure is down from the previous December quarter, when profit tallied 79.2b Yen. Sony has also revised its total revenue figures for the year to March 2011 down slightly - to 7.2t Yen from 7.4t Yen ($88.4b instead of $90.8b). Profit for the fiscal year is still forecast to reach 70b Yen ($858.9m)."

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Bleucrunch2669d ago

I don't understand this articles, what are we suppose to deduce from these findings and why should we as gamers care?

Moentjers2668d ago

The more a console sells, the more chances there are that a) new developers will start working on that console b) existing developers develop more games c) developers that are on other consoles put more effort on this one.

So yes it matters.

Bleucrunch2668d ago

Ok I understand what you mean but I still don't believe we need to know it because its not like we can do anything with this data but touche nonetheless.

BattleAxe2668d ago

Damn, the PS2 is still selling pretty well. With those kinds of sales numbers I'm sure the PS2 will be around at least for another couple of years. Sony's all about the 12 year life cycle.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2669d ago (Edited 2669d ago )

PS2 still selling and shipping more units, still supported, incredible.

Blacktric2669d ago (Edited 2668d ago )

Congrats to Sony. They deserve it.

Edit: @kenmid Just like zootang said. They made a couple of important mistakes at the PS3's launch but they did quickly overcome them and now they're aiming for the top spot.

kenmid2669d ago

just curious, why do they deserve it

zootang2669d ago (Edited 2669d ago )

Because they push console gaming forward with things like FREE online, Blu Ray, 3D and the NGP plus we get to be a part of it!

neogeo2668d ago (Edited 2668d ago )

Because they made smart moves like buying Naughty Dog and have more first partie company's then anyone other then EA.

Think of it like this. Sony made a huge investment into buying up good game developer studios. Microsoft did not go this path. MS decided that 3rd parties and casual is a cheaper way to go. If Sony were to have terrible sales lets say, and lose a ton of money. Then we would live in a very different world. A world of fat granny s shaking there but on your PS3 exercise and tennis and if your lucky you may get 13 new COD games each year.

I hope you see now.

gypsygib2668d ago

They supply the most quality games.

In a perfect world the most best games would = the greatest sales.

But marketing gets in the way of that.

Zinc2668d ago

I think it's more accurate to say that they have earned it. That's how business works. Deserving something in business is pretty much irrelevant.

BubbleSniper2668d ago

impressed here. PSP, PS2, an PS3... 3 different IPs and the reason sony stay afloat for so long during the hard times of ps3 back during 2006-2008.

when 2008 arrive the playing field changed drastically.

It Only Does Stamina.

Stamina in fanboys.


This is VGC charts..We all know they have wrong numbers, lets just wait foe the offical numbers from NPD...The funny thing on this site is when VGC reports the ps3 selling well then vgc magically becomes correct but when its the 360 turn to sell well on vgc it magically bcomes wrong...LOL...Just another day on N4G. I still luv this sit ;)

SWORDF1SH2668d ago (Edited 2668d ago )

It's official data thats been reported by vgchartz.

VGChartz well off on the estimates again. Well the got the PS3 almost right but massively over estimated the 360 data by over a million for 1 quarter. They will correct this, which they partly have by reduceing the gap by 600,000 over the last few weeks and then ammend it again. But they will still not reduce the gap to 3M that the officail data by MS and Sony show it to be.

Also they will go back to showing the 360 outselling the PS3 week in and week out only to get it massively wrong again and then correct.

I dont know why they do this. They either aren't very good at estimates or just have to keep showing the 360 winning every week to make people believe the 360 is kicking the PS3's ass. Kindda sick of these guys. We need a better version of VGChartz. People who can actually get the estimates right within 10% and are willing to spent a lot of money to receive proper data from all over the world. Ahhhh! never gonna happen though.

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