TGS: Factor 5's Eggebrecht On Motion Control, Downloadable Turrican

During the Tokyo Game Show, Gamasutra caught up with Factor 5 head Julian Eggebrecht, who was on hand to promote Lair (Rise from Lair in Japan). The short Q&A discusses the company's future interest in motion control games, Eggebrecht's impressions of the recently announced Dual Shock controller, and the possibility of a high-res Turrican on XBLA and PSN.

Gamasutra: Would you be interested in releasing a high-res version of Turrican for downloadable platforms?

Julian Eggebrecht: Yeah absolutely, both for XBLA and PSN, it'd be fantastic. I think that probably a high-res Turrican more based on the Amiga Turricans would be great on those platforms.

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IQUITN4G3736d ago

Turrican 2 is typical of a Factor5 game in that it doesn't really have great gameplay.

It is however one of my fave games for the Amiga because the whole thing is wrapped up in lovely atmosphere - be it it's game world or the stunning accompanying music.It plays reasonably but it's because of things as a whole why this is such a neat game.The music above everything else though is what makes this a truly great title - Chris Huelsbeck at his very best

For the sonics alone, this is well worth a download should this ever come to PS3