Halo 3 Review - Details

Microsoft's NDA for the Halo 3 reviews lifts around the world at 8pm (GMT) on Sunday, September 23. CVG suggest you set a reminder so you don't forget to come back and see what they thought of the final chapter in the trilogy.

CVG are bound by an NDA until 8pm on Sunday night so can't say anything until then. Don't worry about spoilers though, CVG have made sure the review gives nothing away with regards to the story.

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nasim3895d ago

Blue Dragon got 9/10 at CVG. so i wouldnt be surprised if Halo 3 gets a 10 there

VirusE3895d ago

Nasim what did lair get from cvg? Ohh thats right you cant reply you only have 1 bubble.

nobizlikesnowbiz3895d ago

Haha Nasim sucks.

So that's why there aren't any reviews...didn't know they weren't allowed to release them.

Oh well. Can't wait to read some of the great reviews I'm sure it's going to get.

Sony cheersquads delusional dreams are crumbling around them...

spammy_nooo3895d ago

I'm sure it is going to be a good game, but it's(reportedly) only 8-10 hours long. HS got a couple of point knocked off of several reviews because it was about that long. Since the graphics arent that good, that should be another fraction of a point. gameplay will be great, im sure, as well as story.

I'm going to say it should(reasonably) get about 8.5-9.5 out of 10.

Raptors3895d ago

...ummmm you seem to forget one little teency weency tidbit about halo 3 compared to Heavenly Sword. MULTIPLAYER. That alone adds another aspect, some might even argue bigger than the campaign portion, of the game.

spammy_nooo3895d ago

I hadn't forgotten mulitplayer, and thats why I said it should get up to a 9.5 and as low as 8.5. HS is a GREAT game and it got an 8 from several sites because of its length and it had no multiplayer to rescue it.

ud3895d ago

an announcement of a review? pretty useless if you ask me :\

Caxtus7503895d ago

normally id agree....but this is halo...the biggest game launch of all time!

ud3895d ago

true but this site will be overflowed with halo 3 reviews anyway soon. There's no need for that ;)

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