New Gran Turismo 5 Prologue Trailer

From the Tokyo Game Show heres a new trailer for GT5: Prologue

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nasim3894d ago (Edited 3894d ago )

PGR4 and FORZA 2 are now officially wii games

@OH garbage spammy BOT

environments in PGR4???????????

with cartoon motorcycle and cars and dark atmosphere since your hardware chokes to produce realistic effects

That car alone has more poly than an entire scene of FORZA 2/PGR 4.

grabage box 360 is really garbage

MaximusPrime3894d ago

Forza is now history. let just ignore them and enjoy GT

AngryHippo3894d ago

I really f-ing hate you so much, can't you say anything without having to pull down other consoles. I would love to smash your hands with a lead pipe so you could no longer post messages on this site. Nah only messing.....or am i?! Anyway back on topic this game looks awesome, got to give credit where its due.

cuco333894d ago

seriously! nasim needs to be banned from this site. any and every contribution he makes is beyond stupid

as for the trailer, looks really good. i hope it plays as good as in they seriously fixed the game rather than making it look prettier
wish they showed some in game screen shots rather than prerendered videos or replays

Kleptic3893d ago

Deutchbag?...what is that? a bag from Germany?

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spammy_nooo3894d ago

I was a bit curious to see some more of the environments in gt5 to see if they match up with environments in pgr4. if you see the city at the end(I know its short) then WOW. This game is going to be unbelievable to play.

haha I was thinking who would say that "PGR4 and FORZA 2 are now officially wii games" and looked up and saw Nasim. Oh.

secret3894d ago (Edited 3894d ago )

Look at the current third / fourth gen games like Halo3 and Ninja Gaiden 2, and you can see that the xbox360 has maxed out graphically. They look pretty similar or even worse than first gen titles from the PS3 such as Motorstorm and Ninja Gaiden Sigma that's a remake port made by a branched off bunch of unimportant kids inexeperienced with the PS3. With an important title like Halo3, you'd think Microsoft would make a giant graphicall leap. But they couldn't.

Grand Turimso 5 is only the beginning for the PS3, and you can tell that no xbox360 game ever will graphically compare. It'll only get better and better, wheras the XBOX360 has had two to three years already and there has been no sign of a graphical breakthrough at all. Grand Turismo 5 is a graphical breakthrough as Motostorm. I'd argue that the xbox360 cannot do Motostorm with all it's dust and mud and particle effects and lighting and physics.

xbox360 is a 60mph car. PS3 is a 200-600 mph Lamborghinni beast. Microsoft plays dirty and changes laws and rules so that all cars faster than it must run at near 60mph so that it would be "fair" to them. They also place sneaky roadblocks and other dirty tricks along the way. But that is bad for ALL gamers. Because graphics will be capped off at 60mph instead of 600mph for this gen unless the PS3 finds a way to counter the bad people...

Microsoft has committed the crime of knowingly releasing faulty hardware to the public.

Microsoft has committed the crime of restricting all graphics power to their maximum level, which is pretty low.

Micrsofot and xbots have committed the crime of unethical business practices as you see in this room and through bribed media and secret handshakes.

All gamers suffer because of the xbox360 because all graphics are being capped off at 60mph when it should be 600mph or more this generation. We'll have to wait and see if the PS3 can outmanuever the unethical practices of their competition. You only resort to dirty tricks if you feel you cannot win fair and square.

I do not believe that this gen should be capped off at 60mph with the xbox360. ALL GAMERS SHOULD REBEL AGAINST THIS, EVEN THE XBOTS.

popup3894d ago

I think ultimatly, PGR4 will have the better environments and effects because its all about gloss and arcade-style visual impact but GT is a game about cars, for car fans.... and it really shows. Amazing!

Devr3894d ago

Daaamn. Give direct-feed version of this trailer in HD now.

MaximusPrime3894d ago

this is by far the best videogame trailer shown on N4G for a long time.

Sony has indeed made this game impressive.

Daytona, London (?), over 16 cars, and the list goes on and on.
Keep 'em comin'!

risk3894d ago

i think that was rome..i might be wrong.

power of Green 3894d ago

Show any gameplay yet?. Just another CGI movie with FF Advent Children quality movies I doubt this game can look like that ingame like PGR4 lets see some gameplay with the cars on the track.

MaximusPrime3894d ago

errr... didnt you know that they've shown some gameplays? It is awesome, esp. interior of the car.

spammy_nooo3894d ago

when people say stuff like 'no way those graphics are in-game' and 'those are CG, show me real stuff!' it makes me all warm inside to know I own a ps3, and that people can't even bring themselves to believe the graphics are real because they are just that good.

you'd better believe it.

Anego Montoya FTMFW3894d ago

i know.

when i hear that, i just SMILE.

2008-2009 is going to be something to see.

imagine GT6 or KZ3, oh man.

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