PSP 2000 Overview:- Awesome TV connectivity

The new PSP Slim and Lite allows you to watch UMD movies and play PSP games on TV by means of a tuner. Here is the overview from a fellow gamer who is playing it on a 42" TV

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nasim3929d ago

It would be murdering it no doubt with that TV connectivity feature. Understandably a single feature has changed everything for PSP and has destroyed DS .

PSP LITE has broken all times sales records today in JAPAN. It has sold 130 000 units on the first day of launch!!!!!!

expect more pounding in the upcoming months

MrSwede3928d ago

I seriously have to get a hold of those cables and try whether the quality is good enough when watching UMD movies.

hfaze3928d ago

I've got the component cables, and it looks pretty decent playing videos. My only real complaint is that games do not take up the whole screen. There is a pretty big black border around the game output.

On a 1080p TV, it looks about like playing a Playstation 2, but it does resolve the ghosting issue seen on the PSP screen (like when playing either of the GTA games on the PSP)

Here's to hoping that future firmware versions will enable fullscreen gaming (and the possibility to use a SixAxis or other controller with the PSP)