RTS Gaming On Consoles- Future ?

Real-time strategy (RTS) games are immensely popular on the PC. They involve players controlling armies & economies, pretty much the closest to war one could ever be. Consoles have been missing out on the action at this front. Its one genre that has never been done right on consoles and something that you associate squarely with PC gaming.

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Dlacy13g3895d ago

I love the RTS genre...and I would love to see it succeed on a Console. But...all the RTS's for consoles so far just havent been up to snuff. For a long time I thought it was the controls...but honestly C&C3 controls were great but the game still just didnt cut it. So I started to think about it..and I came to a realization..its not the controls...its the game speed. The controls are presice enough for a console RTS but the game speed of all these games is still set for a PC/Mouse RTS. What devs need to do is stop making a PC RTS designed for a Console and make a console RTS. Slow the game down just a tad to allow for the more loose controller. Don't give the AI the lightening quick responsiveness of a PC/mouse game, but give it the same control speed issues a console gamer faces...that I think would truly make the console RTS more successful instead of a game that is good for 3 levels and then gets impossible because the AI can over whelm you easily with its quick response, etc.

Just my two cents.

Maldread3895d ago

Agree with that. You could say the same thing for FPS-games too, which has less precision than a mouse and keyboard, but has more games made for the consoles as well. With that said, a lot of PC FPS have worked well on consoles too, but a RTS requires more shortcuts and stuff, and scrolling trough the map vs. the building options.

But you`re right on the gamespeed. I just think RTS-controls on consoles have been pretty poor in the past too(havn`t played C&C 3, so i can`t comment on that).

socomnick3895d ago

I got a better solution why not let us use a mouse and keyboard for console rts. That would be the easiest and best solution.

Blood_Spiller3895d ago

Just thinking about trying to play any of the games in the Total War franchise on a console makes me cringe. I'll stick to my PC for my RTS fix, after all it's the last real genre that hasn't been dumbed down for consoles and I hope it stays that way for a long, long time.

ddldave3894d ago

shouldn't be any problem playing pc rts games on ps3 since ps3 can support mouse and keyboard like a pc. so they could just port a rts game from pc to ps3 anyday. i'll be glad if starcraft 2 comes out for ps3 so i can use mouse and keyboard to play it.

K33GAN3894d ago

i don't mind using a controller

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